Sketch Sampling MG Immersion KONTAKT 筆芯音源網

P2P | 06 June 2022 | 2.37 GB

Immersion 是我们忧郁吉他的扩展包。尽管它为标志性的悲伤和压抑的声音提供了更广泛的可能性,但它是一个完全独立的库。
我们在 20 多种不同的混音中重新采样了电吉他,我们使用了我们最喜欢的硬件和软件效果组合,包括放大器、箱体、均衡器、滤波器和混响。结果,我们得到了新的吉他调色板,其声音比原始库中的更具体。

Immersion 具有与所有重要处理元素相同的用户界面:ADSR 包络和偏移设置、压缩器、均衡器、双滤波器、失真和延迟效果。没有大量的旋钮和不必要的选项,干净直观的界面不会分散您对创作过程的注意力。


● ADSR 包络和偏移;
● 压缩机;
● 三段均衡器;
● 组合低通和高通滤波器;
● 结合失真和低保真效果;
● 延迟效果。


Immersion is an expansion pack for our Melancholic Guitar. Though it provides wider possibilities of that signature sad and oppressive sound, it is a completely standalone library.
We resampled out electric guitar in 20 more different mixes where we used our favorite combinations of hardware and software effects including amps, cabinets, equalizers, filters and reverbs. In result we got new guitar palettes with more specific sound than in the original library.

Immersion features the same user interface with all vital processing elements: ADSR envelope and offset settings, compressor, equalizer, double filter, distortion and delay effects. Without tons of knobs and unnecessary options, the clean and intuitive interface will not distract you from the creative process.

The lower part of the interface in all three patches contains the controllers of all master processing units. There are:

● ADSR envelope and offset;
● compressor;
● 3-band equalizer;
● combined lowpass and highpass filter;
● combined distortion and lo-fi effect;
● delay effect.