KONTAKT | 05 July 2022 | 37 GB

发现您编写尖端电影、电视和游戏配乐的新秘密武器。 Kepler Orchestra 通过创建从简单到复杂的交错管弦节奏,可以轻松唤起运动、速度和氛围。我们新的系统网格通过重复的音符、多普勒效应、膨胀和碎片为您完成了艰苦的工作。同样,我们的 Mercury Synth 引擎通过扭曲和受太空启发的声音扩展您的声音宇宙。

开普勒管弦乐团在 AIR Studio One 录制,由一个室内管弦乐队组成,其灵感来自 20 世纪后期伟大的美国系统作曲家:特里·莱利、菲利普·格拉斯、史蒂夫·赖希和约翰·亚当斯。

一支由 40 根弦乐、13 支木管乐器和 19 支铜管乐器组成的完整管弦乐队,在传奇的 Air Lyndhurst 的 Studio One 清脆、充满活力的声学中作为单独的合奏录制,我们在那里录制了我们广受欢迎的 Bernard Herrmann 和 Studio Orchestra 图书馆。我们所有 54 种独特的发音和演奏风格,其中许多从未被采样过,由 Ben Foskett 精心编排,由 Harry Wilson 制作,并由著名工程师 Fiona Cruickshank 通过著名的定制 Neve 控制台通过传奇的蒙特塞拉特前置放大器专业录制。具有多个麦克风位置(Close、Ambient、Mid 和 Wide),Fiona Cruickshank 创建的 Full Mix 选项,库呈现在我们复杂的 Systems Grid 中,为您提供终极可控性和无尽的灵感。我们还创建了 259 个快照 – 具有预编程节奏和即时工作的声音的广泛选择的起点,以获得额外的惊喜和灵感元素。 Kepler Orchestra 既细致又史诗,旨在与我们现有的管弦乐系列完美配合,适合任何探索现代管弦乐前沿、希望为电影、电视和游戏创作复杂乐谱的人。

适用于 NI Kontakt v6.7.0 或更高版本!


Discover your new secret weapon for writing cutting-edge film, TV and game scores. Kepler Orchestra makes it easy to evoke movement, speed and atmosphere by creating interlocking orchestral rhythms – from simple to massively complex. Our new Systems Grid does the hard work for you, with repeated notes, doppler effects, swells and shards. Similarly, our Mercury Synth engine expands your sonic universe with warped and space-inspired sounds.

Recorded at AIR Studio One and featuring a chamber-sized orchestra, Kepler Orchestra is inspired by the great American systems composers of the late 20th century: Terry Riley, Philip Glass, Steve Reich and John Adams.

A full orchestra made up of 40 strings, 13 woodwinds and 19 brass, recorded as separate ensembles in the crisp, vibrant acoustic of Studio One at the legendary Air Lyndhurst, where we recorded our popular Bernard Herrmann and Studio Orchestra libraries. All 54 of our unique articulations and playing styles, many never before sampled, have been orchestrated by Ben Foskett, produced by Harry Wilson and expertly recorded by renowned engineer Fiona Cruickshank through the famous custom Neve console via legendary Montserrat preamps. With multiple microphone positions (Close, Ambient, Mid & Wide), a Full Mix option created by Fiona Cruickshank, the library is presented in our sophisticated Systems Grid, giving you ultimate controllability and endless inspiration. We have also created 259 Snapshots — a wide selection of starting points with pre-programmed rhythms and sounds that work instantly, for that extra element of surprise and inspiration. Both detailed and epic, and designed to work perfectly alongside our existing orchestral ranges, Kepler Orchestra is for anyone exploring the cutting edge of modern orchestration, looking to create sophisticated scores for film, TV and games.

Works with the NI Kontakt v6.7.0 or higher!