Bogren Digital AmpKnob – RevC v. 1. 0.1 B (MOCHA)| VST3 / Standalone / AAX| 53.9 MB





有了新的 AmpKnob RevC,这正在成为现实。插入、摇滚并立即开始录制令人骨碎的吉他,而不会分散您的创造力。


事实上,AmpKnob 已经进入了顶级制作领域。

亲耳听听 AmpKnob RevC 如何在各种风格的真实混音中工作!



耸立在您面前的是摇滚和金属吉他放大器的 Unholy Grail – 经典的踏板 RevC,带有 500 之前的序列号,完好无损。



我们为您提供 AmpKnob RevC,这是 Jens Bogren 和 Bogren Digital 的一系列革命性单旋钮放大器中的第一款。

A One-knob revolution for album-ready heavy guitars.

Creativity First

What if we told you that you only need one single knob to get a great heavy guitar tone?

And what if we told you that you will experience responsiveness and realism previously unheard in a plug-in?

With the new AmpKnob RevC, this is becoming a reality. Plug in, rock out and immediately start recording bone-crushing guitars without anything to distract your creativity.

This is not a toy

In fact, AmpKnob is already making its way into top-tier productions.

Hear for yourself how AmpKnob RevC works in real-world mixes from a vast selection of styles!

A new standard

Imagine this: you walk straight into a world-class recording studio, carrying your favorite guitar.

Towering before you is the Unholy Grail of rock and metal guitar amps — the classic treadplated RevC with a pre-500 serial number in immaculate condition.

Before your arrival, one of the world’s most experienced metal producers has spent hours carefully selecting and placing microphones to perfectly capture the amp and cabinet.

Everything is set up and ready for you, all you need to do is plug in your guitar and start playing.

We give you AmpKnob RevC, the first in a series of revolutionary one-knob amps from Jens Bogren and Bogren Digital.