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欢迎来到终极复古磁带调制和 lo-fi 效果:WARBLE。轻松地,它让你扔给它的一切听起来特别、温暖和模拟。它的三个主效引擎可以单独使用,也可以相互组合使用,从而缩小了易用性和无缝通用性之间的差距。

调制块从 wow 生成特征丰富的运动层,以及由颤动产生的更不规则和摆动的声音。广泛的参数范围和额外的速度控制触发从宽维度到脉动砂砾的任何事物。

WARBLE 的老化部分庆祝磁带的所有美丽优点——带宽减少、美丽的谐波或噪声和皱纹纹理。使用这款功能强大的设备,您可以快速实现各种鼓舞人心、怀旧和音乐的风景。

Filter Stage 提供带有单独共振调节器的高低切控制。除了技术校正之外,这还允许戏剧性的信号整形,从低端的黑暗地面膨胀到稀疏的无线电声音。

WARBLE 在磁带调制、镶边和合唱效果以及 THD 注入的世界中提供激动人心的声音之旅。此外,它还为信号老化、本底噪声/裂纹产生和具有共振功能的滤波提供了一种很好的方法。

• 正宗的磁带调制模块,带有宽范围的 Wow/Flutter 以及单独的速度控制
• 具有高度集成的 Dirt、Age 和 Noise 参数的综合音调整形模块
• 带有独立共振控制器的 Hi-Cut 和 Lo-Cut 滤波器部分
• 快速/慢速磁带传输设置,只需一个按钮即可更改全局参数行为
• 混音控制器创造出干净和颤音的完美融合


Organic Mojo
Welcome to the ultimate vintage tape modulation & lo-fi effect: WARBLE. With ease, it makes everything you throw at it sound special, warm, and analog. Its three main effect engines can be used by themselves or in combination with each other, thus bridging the gap between ease of use and seamless versatility.

New Old
The Modulation Block generates characteristic lush movement layers from wow as well as more irregular and wiggly sounds resulting from flutter. The wide parameter ranges and additional speed controls trigger anything from wide dimensionality to pulsating grit.

WARBLE’s Aging Section celebrates all the beautiful goodies of magnetic tape – bandwidth reduction, beautiful harmonics or noise and crinkle textures. With this powerful device, you can quickly achieve a wide variety of inspiring, nostalgic and musical landscapes.

Resonance Peaks
The Filter Stage offers high and low cut controls with individual resonance modifiers. In addition to technical correction, this also allows for dramatic signal shaping that ranges from dark ground swells of low end to thinned out radiophonic sounds.

WARBLE delivers a thrilling sonic journey through the world of tape modulation, flanger & chorus effects, and THD injection. In addition, it offers a great approach towards signal aging, noise floor/crackle generation and filtering with resonance capabilities.

• Authentic tape modulation block with wide-range Wow/Flutter plus individual Speed controls
• Comprehensive tone-shaping block with highly integrated Dirt, Age, and Noise parameters
• Hi-Cut and Lo-Cut filter section with individual resonance controllers
• Fast/Slow tape transport settings for changing global parameter behavior with a single button
• Mix controller to create the perfect blend of clean and warbly