Nembrini Audio IR Loader 插件是一款创新且完整的脉冲响应加载器,专门设计用于加载您最喜欢的机柜 IR。

它还允许您使用吉他和贝司调音工具(如 6 频段参数均衡器和自定义桌面压缩器)来操作它们。

板载定制设计的桌面压缩器,带侧链高通滤波器,6 波段参数均衡器,图形实现和频谱分析器,低音增强器使 Nembrini Audio IR Loader 插件成为管理和操作吉他和贝司箱 IR 的完美工具。


The Nembrini Audio IR Loader plugin is an innovative and complete impulse response loader specially designed to load your favorite cabinet IRs.

It also allows you to manipulate them with guitar and bass tuned tools like the 6 band parametric equalizer and the custom desk compressor.

The onboard custom-designed desk compressor with side chain high pass filter, 6 band parametric equalizer with graphic implementation and spectrum analyzer, the bass enhancer make the Nembrini Audio IR Loader plugin the perfect tool to manage and manipulate your guitar and bass cabinet IRs.

Un cabrero extremeño dice,

Part of ‘Las Hurdes in flames: Hot Summer Gift’
These are several internal releases made public by (AudioZ)popular request.
Only VST3 format, sorry; We don’t use Pro Tools and we don’t like to waste our time
so if you need AAX (or old VST2) wait for the witches.

1. Install with original setup exe (Select only vst3 format)
2. Manually replace vst3 files (Program Files\Common Files\VST3\)


Protection: PACE/iLok