Faceman 2-Channel Head Guitar Amplifier 插件基于 1967 年的老式 Fender Bassman*“blackface”,带有罕见的 1×15 箱体,装有 JBL* D130F 扬声器,由 Rock ‘n’ Vintage 乐器提供。

尽管最初 1952 年的设计是作为贝斯吉他放大器销售的,但由于惊人的分解和强劲的底端,吉他手很快就采用了这些古老的放大器作为自己的放大器。 两个独立的通道,每个通道都有自己独特的声音。


Faceman 2-Channel Head Guitar Amplifier plugin is based on a vintage Fender Bassman* “blackface” year 1967 with rare 1×15 cabinet loaded with JBL* D130F speaker, made available by Rock ‘n’ Vintage musical instruments.

Though the original 1952 design was intended and marketed as a bass guitar amplifier, guitar players all over quickly adopted these venerable amps as their own thanks to amazing breakup and beefy bottom end. Two separate channels, each with its own distinctive sound.

Un cabrero extremeño dice,

Part of ‘Las Hurdes in flames: Hot Summer Gift’
These are several internal releases made public by (AudioZ)popular request.
Only VST3 format, sorry; We don’t use Pro Tools and we don’t like to waste our time
so if you need AAX (or old VST2) wait for the witches.

1. Install with original setup exe (Select only vst3 format)
2. Manually replace vst3 files (Program Files\Common Files\VST3\)


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