Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier 插件基于老式 Hiwatt* DR103 1970 年,带有原装 Partridge 变压器和军用点对点接线,由 Rock ‘n’ Vintage 乐器提供。

Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier 插件是一个 2 通道放大器,两个通道共享均衡器。 它有 4 个输入,每个通道 2 个(正常和出色)。 Hi 输入为 DOWN,LO 输入为 UP。 通道修补在这里工作,您可以混合以获得额外的多功能性。



Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier plugin is based on a vintage Hiwatt* DR103 year 1970 with original Partridge transformer and military point-to-point wiring, made available by Rock ‘n’ Vintage musical instruments.

Hivolt 103 Custom Guitar Amplifier plugin is a 2 channels amplifier with shared EQ for both channels. It has 4 inputs, 2 for each channel (normal and brilliant). Hi inputs are DOWN and LO inputs are UP. Patching of channels works here, and you can blend for additional versatility.

All amplifier parameters knobs work as EQ/drive controls basically, they are very interactive and very responsive.

Un cabrero extremeño dice,

Part of ‘Las Hurdes in flames: Hot Summer Gift’
These are several internal releases made public by (AudioZ)popular request.
Only VST3 format, sorry; We don’t use Pro Tools and we don’t like to waste our time
so if you need AAX (or old VST2) wait for the witches.

1. Install with original setup exe (Select only vst3 format)
2. Manually replace vst3 files (Program Files\Common Files\VST3\)


Protection: PACE/iLok