Team RET | 01 May 2022 | 74.4MB

M1 于 1988 年发布,是一款划时代的合成器,它定义了 80 年代末和 90 年代的音乐场景。 其基于高品质PCM的数字多重效果合成系统,具有划时代的独特声音。 此外,作为独创的音乐工作站“一体机”,它配备了8轨音序器,彻底改变了各地音乐家的作曲和制作风格。

KORG Collection M1 V2 是对 2005 年 M1 软件的升级,并针对现代生产环境进行了改进。 我们添加了非常需要的高分辨率和可扩展界面。 预设音色包括所有 3,300 个程序,包括来自扩展 ROM 卡的程序,通过最新软件作为插件,赋予 M1 传奇般的音色。




Reborn through software.Music Workstation M1
The M1, released in 1988, is an epoch-making synthesizer that defined the music scene of the late 80’s and the 90s. Its synthesis system with digital multi-effects, based on high-quality PCM, featured a unique sound which was epoch-defining. In addition, as the original music workstation “all-in-one unit”, it came with an 8-track sequencer, drastically changing the composing and production style of musicians everywhere.

The KORG Collection M1 V2 is an upgrade of the M1 software from 2005, and has been refined for modern production environments. We added the much requested high-resolution and scalable interface. The preset sounds include all 3,300 programs, including those from the expansion ROM cards, giving the legendary sounds of the M1 through the latest software as a plug-in.