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3 通道加州放大器模拟
仿照 Mesa Boogie Triple Crown 100*
作为新一代美国放大器的一部分,The Crown 可以为您提供任何您想要的音色。


• 3 个独立的放大器通道
• 可切换功率放大器管
• 可变音堆电路位置
• 紧紧打开所有通道

详细的 3D 橱柜模拟
• Crown 包括极其详细的内阁模拟。
• 完全自由地控制每个驾驶室的两个麦克风。
• 每个驾驶室都经过精心挑选,以完美补充主放大器。

如果您更喜欢使用自己的 IR,The Crown 包含一个双 IR 加载器,能够调整任何 IR 的麦克风位置,甚至是第 3 方的。

• Gator II:用这个方便的单旋钮门来控制您的信号噪音。
• 助推器:使用低和高旋钮改变放大器的特性,或者只是推入更多增益。
• Screamer:用这个踏板让(虚拟)管子发出尖叫声

• Crown 包括 4 个效果单元,可帮助您塑造音色的最后部分。
• 图形均衡器:控制声音的最终输出。
• 合唱:让你的线索更广泛。给他们一些味道。
• 延迟:提供干净的深度和立体感。
• 混响:为您的声音添加空间

无需打开 DAW 即可使用 The Crown 即兴演奏!使用双跟踪仿真以获得更好的果酱!

• 在编写演示或想法时节省时间,或者在您即兴演奏时参与其中。
• 双跟踪仿真模拟了对其中一个通道略有不同的拍摄,提供只有真正的双跟踪才能提供的广泛传播*



Windows、macOS:64 位。


3 Channel Californian Amp Sim
Modeled on the Mesa Boogie Triple Crown 100*
A part of the new breed of American amps, The Crown can get you any tone you are after.

Designed to achieve the most brutal tones without forgetting the pristine cleans and crunchy Rhythms.

Amp Head Features
• 3 Independent Amp Channels
• Switchable Power Amp Tubes
• Variable Tonestack Circuit Position
• Tight Switch On All Channels

Detailed 3D Cabinet Simulation
• The Crown includes an extremely detailed Cabinet Simulation.
• Control two microphones for each cab with complete freedom.
• Each cab has been chosen to perfectly complement the main amp.

Dual IR Loader
If you prefer to use your own IRs, The Crown includes a Dual IR Loader with the ability to adjust the microphone positions of any IR, even 3rd party ones.

Stomp Boxes
• Gator II : Tame your signal noise with this handy one knob gate.
• Booster : Change the character of the amp with the low and high knobs, or simply push more gain in.
• Screamer : Make the (virtual) tubes scream with this pedal

Rack FX
• The Crown includes 4 Effects Units to help you shape the final part of your tone.
• Graphic EQ : Control the final output of your sound.
• Chorus : Make your leads wide. Give them some flavor.
• Delay : Give cleans depth and stereo feel.
• Reverb : Add space to your sound

Standalone App
Jam with The Crown without having to open a DAW! Engage the double tracking emulation for a better jam!

Double Track Emulation
• Save time when writing demos or ideas, or engage it when you are jamming.
• The double tracking emulation simulates a slightly different take on one of the channels, giving that wide spread only real double tracking can give*

*We recommend using the double tracking emulation only on demos or while jamming, while the emulation sounds realistic in stereo, it breaks down more in mono than real double tracking would.

Whats new in this version
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System Requirements
Windows, macOS: 64 bit.