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使用 Neutron 4,您可以更智能、更快速地混合,同时保持流畅。八个功能强大的插件通过 AI 辅助技术结合强大功能,打造您的现代智能混音体验。

Neutron 4 有什么新功能?
Neutron 深受喜爱的 Mix Assistant 现在已现代化为新的 Assistant View,这是您的智能控制中心,可产生快速、个性化的结果。

新的 Unmask 模块会为您发现并修复屏蔽问题,使您能够达到新的清晰度水平。在两条相互竞争的轨道之间留出空间,平衡您的低音和底鼓,或让人声在您的混音中闪耀。

一块 iZotope 粉丝最喜欢的垃圾,现在在 Neutron 4 中。使用垃圾模式扭曲和破坏声音,并使用音调滑块和驯服按钮拨入特定的极端。探索怪异和狂野的界限。

使用新的 Punch Mode 来控制和可视化您的声音的冲击力,从而产生影响。添加更多重击、重击或啪啪声,为人声、打击乐、贝斯等注入活力。

Mac:macOS Catalina (10.15.7) – macOS Monterey (12.4.x) *
* 支持 Rosetta 2 和本机的 Intel Mac 和 Apple 硅 Mac(Apple M1 芯片)


With Neutron 4 you can mix smarter and faster while staying in your flow. Eight powerful plug-ins combine powers through AI assistive technology to create your modern and intelligent mixing experience.

What’s New in Neutron 4?
Assistant View
Neutron’s beloved Mix Assistant is now modernized into the new Assistant View, your intelligent control center that produces fast, personalized results.

Make Space
The new Unmask Module discovers and fixes masking issues for you, enabling you to reach new levels of clarity. Make space between two competing tracks, balancing your bass and kick or allowing vocals to shine over your mix.

Distort Responsibly. Or Not.
A slice of iZotope fan favorite, Trash, is now in Neutron 4. Distort and destroy sound with Trash Mode and dial in specific extremes with the Tone Slider and Tame button. Explore the boundaries of weird and wild.

Punch it up
Make an impact using the new Punch Mode to control and visualize how hard your sounds hit. Add more thump, punch or snap to breathe life into vocals, percussion, bass, and more.

System Requirements
Mac: macOS Catalina (10.15.7) – macOS Monterey (12.4.x) *
* Supported on Intel Macs & Apple silicon Macs (Apple M1 chips) in Rosetta 2 and native