Team R2R | 2022.08.29 | 102.01 MB

获取最后的 303
传奇的 303 银盒的仿真已达到全新的高度。 信号路径完全重新设计,以达到前所未有的仿真精度水平,从而产生了这个插件的新化身。

在最先进的 FX 链中,您可以找到一大堆带有酸性吱吱声的算法。

新的音序器和琶音器使插件更具吸引力。 轻松方便地编辑样式,循环播放它们,并以您认为最方便的任何方式在它们之间切换——使用鼠标、MIDI 控制器或 DAW MIDI 音符来表达您的音乐创意。

带有超级方便的音序器的权威 303 仿真,可立即让您的创意源源不断。


Get the last 303
Emulation of the legendary 303 silver box has been taken to entirely new heights. Signal path was completely re-designed to achieve an unprecedented level of emulation accuracy, resulting in this new incarnation of the plug-in.

Juice up the sound
In the state-of-the-art FX chain, you can find a whole bunch of algorithms with acidic squeaks in mind.

Create your riffs with ease
New sequencer and arpeggiator makes the plug-in even more appealing. Edit patterns with ease and convenience, play them live in a loop and switch between them in whatever way you find most convenient – using a mouse, a MIDI controller or DAW MIDI notes to express your musical ideas.

Get under the hood
The definitive 303 emulation with a super-convenient sequencer to immediately get your creative juices flowing.