29th Aug 2022 | 1.9 GB

EDM Voices 2 专为 EDM、Dubstep 和 House 制作人设计,让他们大呼过瘾! 拥有超过 140 种预设,包括人声乐句、节奏、声码器样本和喊叫声,这一系列富有想象力和挑衅性的声音将使您的作品更上一层楼,并充满个性!

所有人声在每个键中都经过多重采样,所有旋律乐句都会自动适应您歌曲的节奏。 将鼓舞人心的人声融入您的曲目从未如此简单,所以今天就拿起这个扩展包,用它来发声,然后再次撕毁那些舞曲!


Give it up for vocals! EDM Voices 1 absolutely blew up the dance charts, and round two promises to do the same!
Designed especially for EDM, Dubstep and House producers, EDM Voices 2 will give them something to shout about! With more than 140 presets, including vocal phrases, chops, vocoder samples and shouts, this series of imaginative and provocative sounds will take your productions to the next level and pack them full of personality!

All vocals are multisampled in each key, and all melodic phrases will automatically adapt to your song’s tempo. It has never been easier to integrate inspiring vocals into your tracks, so grab this expansion pack today, get vocal with it, and go tear up those dance charts again!

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