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510EQ 是一款轻量级插件,以著名的美国均衡器为蓝本,用作 500 模块,通过老式输出变压器增强,以实现平滑的驱动和色彩。 在 Aurora DSP,我们一直在寻找一种方法来改进您的工作流程并提供将永远留在您的武器库中的插件。 为现代音乐家、工程师和制作人带来经典设备的扩展功能。

我们的 Craft Series 产品的新功能,基于工作室标准,易于设置的图形均衡器,可提供 10 段比例 Q。使用漂亮的着色输出变压器进行修改,可以通过一个旋钮将您的鼓、吉他和人声驱动到您想要的水平。

10 个带比例 Q 的频段
0ne 个八度中心
每个频段 12 dB 的提升/削减
“比例 Q”在极端情况下缩小过滤器 Q


The 510EQ is a lightweight, plugin modeled on the famous American equalizer used as 500 modules boosted with a vintage output transformer for smooth drive and color. At Aurora DSP, we’re constantly looking for a way to improve your workflow and deliver plugins that will stay in your arsenal forever. Bringing the extended functionality of classic devices for modern musicians, engineers & producers.

What’s inside
New to our Craft Series products, based on studio standard easy to set graphic equalizer which delivers 10 bands of Proportional Q. Modified with nice coloring output transformer that can drive your drums, guitars and vocals to the level you want with one knob.

10 bands with Proportional Q
0ne octave centers
12 dB of boost/cut per band
“Proportional Q” narrows filter Q at extremes
Center detent for reliable reset
Drive Knob for coloring