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我们着手制造行业中受冲击最严重的压缩机。 那种让你的曲目轰轰烈烈的歌声。 为了获得额外的优势,IHNY-2 并行工作。 这使您可以在保持干音轨动态的同时进行更多压缩。

* 专为现代和超激进的压缩声音而设计,非常适合为您的音轨增加力量。

* 在内部托管并行信号链,以实现快速、无障碍的并行压缩工作流程。

* 我们第一个插件 (I Heart NY) 的 V2 进行了重大升级——提供手术控制和一系列新功能。


We set out to make the hardest hitting compressor in the industry. The kind that makes your tracks slam and sing. To achieve that extra edge, IHNY-2 works in parallel. This allows you to compress more while retaining the dynamics of your dry track.

* Engineered for a modern and ultra-aggressive compression sound, perfect for adding power to your tracks.

* Hosts parallel signal chain internally for a fast and obstacle-free parallel compression workflow.

* Majorly upgraded V2 of our first ever plugin (I Heart NY) – offering surgical control and a range of new features.