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渴望那些正宗的乙烯基共鸣? Unfiltered Audio Needlepoint 是一个被吹捧为“下一代黑胶仿真”的新插件。 Needlepoint 必须提供哪些其他乙烯基模拟器没有的功能?

旨在重现黑胶唱片特征声音和噪音的插件几乎与插件存在的时间一样长。 iZotope Vinyl 是它们的鼻祖,它仍然是音乐制作中的家喻户晓的产品,并且在首次发布 21 年后仍然存在于几乎所有制作人的计算机上。似乎我们仍然渴望那些乙烯基氛围,如果只是为了刷一下我们的样本库。借助 Needlepoint,Unfiltered Audio 发布了该公司所谓的“乙烯基模拟革命”。

根据开发者的说法,Needlepoint 与大多数其他乙烯基仿真不同,它依靠物理建模而不是样品来产生特有的乙烯基效果。这意味着一切都是实时合成的——从唱片和播放器的状况到可能存在的任何污垢或划痕。

不用说,你有很多选择。 Needlepoint 不仅为您提供 33 1/3、45 等传统 RPM,还可以让您自由调整速度。您甚至可以将其速度同步到您的 DAW。除此之外,还有一个用于经典黑胶停止/开始效果的 Spindown 按钮,以及一个用于产生不可预知的循环效果的 Broken 按钮。

灰尘和噪音部分可让您精确地拨入您希望虚拟唱片听起来的混乱程度。这两个部分还包括用于进一步声音整形的过滤器。您可以调整录音的增益和年龄,并应用 wow 和 flutter 进行良好测量。

最后但并非最不重要的一点是,Unfiltered Audio 添加了一个单旋钮压缩器,可模拟与基于乙烯基的节拍制作相关的老式硬件采样器。这意味着 Needlepoint 超越了大多数其他乙烯基仿真,包括许多节拍制作者喜欢在对他们的样本进行乙烯基化后添加的第二个处理步骤。

总而言之,Unfiltered Audio Needlepoint 看起来是您可以获得的最全面的黑胶仿真之一。如果您喜欢黑胶唱片和老式节拍的声音,那么这个应该在您的清单上。


Craving those authentic vinyl vibes? Unfiltered Audio Needlepoint is a new plug-in touted as “the next-generation vinyl emulation”. What does Needlepoint have to offer that other vinyl emulators don’t?

Unfiltered Audio Needlepoint
Plug-ins that aim to recreate the characteristic sounds and noises of vinyl records have been around for nearly as long as plug-ins have existed. iZotope Vinyl, the granddaddy of them all, continues to be a household staple in music production and still lives on almost any producer’s computer 21 years after its first release. It seems like we still crave those vinyl vibes, if only to brush up our sample libraries. With Needlepoint, Unfiltered Audio has released what the company calls “a revolution in vinyl simulation”.

According to the developer, Needlepoint differentiates itself from most other vinyl emulations by relying on physical modeling instead of samples to produce the characteristic vinyl effects. This means everything is synthesized in real-time – from the condition of the record and player to any dirt or scratches that might be present.

In-depth control
Needless to say, you get plenty of options to play with. Rather than just giving you the conventional RPMs like 33 1/3, 45 and such, Needlepoint lets you adjust the speed freely. You can even tempo-sync it to your DAW. In addition to this, there’s a Spindown button for classic vinyl stop/start effects, and a Broken button that generates unpredictable looping effects.

The Dust and Noise sections allow you to precisely dial in how messed-up you want the virtual record to sound. Both sections also include filters for further sound shaping. And you can adjust the gain and age of the recording, and apply wow and flutter for good measure.

Last, but not least, Unfiltered Audio has added a one-knob compressor that emulates the vintage hardware samplers associated with vinyl-based beat production. This means that Needlepoint goes beyond most other vinyl emulations by including the second processing step many beatmakers like to add after vinyl-izing their samples.

All in all, Unfiltered Audio Needlepoint looks like one of the most comprehensive vinyl emulations you can get. If you’re into the sound of vinyl records and old-school beats, this one should be on your list.

Whats new in this version
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System Requirements
macOS 12 down to macOS 10.11