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Fusion Intelligence 现在提供三种模拟着色工具,为您的主控提供色调特征、饱和度和空间。

来自模拟硬件的仿真与 Fusion Intelligence 的神经网络技术相结合,以提高仿真的清晰度和细节。

Fusion Intelligence 是一款三合一的模拟仿真工具,可为您的混音和掌握强烈的音调特性、饱和度和空间感提供支持。

– Vintage Ultra Drive:非线性复古饱和,可产生柔和的谐波饱和。
– Spacer:来自模拟硬件引擎的中间处理电路。
– Transformer X:为您的混音和主总线添加低端增稠和高端光泽以及更多谐波失真。
– 2-band Shelf EQ:模拟 2-Band EQ,为您的混音和主总线添加高端和低端。


Three analog coloration tools are now available from Fusion Intelligence to give tonal character, saturator, and space to your master.

Emulation from analog hardware is combined with neural network technology by Fusion Intelligence to enhance simulation with more clarity and detail.

Fusion Intelligence is a three-in-one analogue emulation tool to offer your mixing and mastering strong tonal character, saturation, and space.

– Vintage Ultra Drive : Non-Linear Vintage Saturation to produce gentle harmonic saturation.
– Spacer : Mid-Side Processing Circuit from analog hardware engine.
– Transformer X : Adds low-end thickening and high-end sheen and more harmonic distortion to your mix and master bus.
– 2-band shelf eq : Analogue 2-Band EQ to adding high-end and low-end to your mix and master bus.

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