MARBLE 2 是一款超级易用的现代创意灵感来源。

凭借其所有的模式和序列 – 大约 400 – 它为您的音乐创意提供了构建块,并让您快速创作。但当然,它的许多参数中的每一个都可以手动和实时更改。

升级改变了很多。除了 63 种全新的声音外,Marble 2 还具有许多新功能,例如采样起点偏移、重复、微调等等。 (见下面的列表)

成功的 Marble 2 概念在六年后进入第二轮 – 这是值得的?

什么是大理石 2?
MARBLE 2 是一款创意音乐工具,可帮助您快速创作和实施您的音乐创意。 MARBLE 2 从技术上讲是一个两轨 16 步音序器,能够编辑音量、声像、滤波器、调音、驱动、混响等方面的每一步。总而言之,您有 11 个参数可供您选择!为了馈送这两个音轨,MARBLE 2 提供了 63 种不同的音源;其中一些具有多个动态层,最多可循环六次。

但如果这还不够,MARBLE 2 可以让您实时塑造整个声音。桌面上的 127 个步骤中的每一个步骤都有 13 种手动和单独可调节的效果。要调用这些效果设置,请使用调制轮 – 它贯穿所有 127 个步骤。您现在可以根据您的要求实时塑造您的声音。

它是 Marble 2 的核心,2 个平行音槽,每个都配备一个“开放式”16 步音序器。 “打开”意味着可以为两个序列发生器的每一步确定和定义 11 个参数的值。您可以更改速度、平移、长度、失真或位深度、低通滤波器、调音、微调、合唱、重复、混响和延迟。此外,您可以更改所有纹理的每一步的起点!

MARBLE 2 是完全可播放的,不仅仅是一键触发机器。您可以在每个键或和弦中演奏声音,但也可以“锁定”调音,这样您可以更轻松地演奏鼓节拍或节奏模式。

63 声源
为了给两个音槽供电,MARBLE 2 提供了许多令人兴奋的合成和有机声源。有一个复杂的合成器库和美妙而多样的有机声音。我们有 16 种出色的打击乐源,从深沉、强大到令人兴奋的城市声音。最后,我们有 16 个现场记录样本和纹理(下面,您将找到整个列表)。有超过 2,500 个单样本声音。 (以下可下载手册中的完整列表)

那是独一无二的! MARBLE 2 提供独特的实时声音整形功能。在音序器区域创建声音后,MARBLE 2 的整个声音最终通过了一个复杂的效果矩阵。此效果矩阵包括各种效果,例如低通和高通滤波器、失真、频率速率、随机发生器等。现在在音序器的顶部添加了整形长度和 lp 滤波器。通过这些效果的微小变化,MARBLE 2 取得了令人印象深刻的效果,并为所有声音或模式赋予了令人兴奋的活力和复杂性。你猜怎么着?所有这些都是实时工作的。

没有更多的问题涉水通过一长串预设。 Marble 2 – 与 Rhytmik 一样 – 具有动态预设菜单,其中包含 4 个类别中的 20 多个形容词。如果您喜欢某种图案,请将其添加到您的个人收藏列表中。真正的创新!

约 400 个预设
Marble 2 带有近 400 个预设。几乎所有你想要的东西都在那里。肥大和深沉的混合打击乐循环使现代追逐变得轻而易举。或者优美的大气旋律,可以成为情感的起点。或者只是一些现场录音,非常适合用作您的音乐片段。


MARBLE 2 is a modern creative inspiration source that is super easy to use.

With all its patterns and sequences – about 400- it provides building blocks for your musical ideas and lets you compose quickly. But of course, every one of its many parameters can be changed manually and in real-time.

A lot has changed with the upgrade. Besides 63 completely new sounds, Marble 2 has many new features like Sample Start Point Shift, Repetitions, Micro Tuning and many more. (see list below)

The successful Marble 2 concept goes into the 2nd round after six years – and it’s worth it ?

MARBLE 2 is a creative music tool to help you quickly compose and implement your music ideas. MARBLE 2 is technically a two-track 16-step sequencer with the ability to edit every single step in terms of volume, pan, filter, tune, drive, reverb etc. To summarise, you have eleven parameters from which you can choose! To feed these two tracks, MARBLE 2 provides 63 different sound sources; some of them come in up to six times round robin with several dynamic layers.

But if that was not enough, MARBLE 2 allows you to shape the entire sound in real time. You have 13 manually and individually adjustable effects at your fingertips for each of the 127 steps on the table. To recall these effect settings, use the mod wheel – which runs through all 127 steps. You can now shape your sound in real time according to your requirements.

An ‘open’ Sequencer
It is the core of Marble 2, 2 parallel sound slots, each equipped with an ‘open’ 16-step sequencer. ‘Open’ means it is possible to determine and define the values for 11 parameters for every step of both sequencers. You can change velocity, pan, length, distortion or bit depth, lowpass filter, tuning, micro tuning, chorus, repetition, reverb, and delay. Also, you can change the start point per step for all textures!

MARBLE 2 is fully chromatically playable and is not just a one-key trigger machine. You can play the sounds in every key or as chords, but it is also possible to “lock “the tuning, which lets you easier play drum beats or rhythmical patterns.

63 Sound Sources
For feeding the two sound slots, MARBLE 2 provides a lot of exciting synthetic and organic sound sources. There is a complex arsenal of synths and nice and various organic sounds. We have 16 great percussion sources, from deep, powerful, to exciting urban sounds. Finally, we have 16 field recording samples and textures (below, you will find the entire list). There are over 2,500 single sample sounds. (Full List in the downloadable manual below)

Real-time Sound Shaping
That is unique! MARBLE 2 provides the unique real-time sound shaping feature. After creating a sound in the sequencer area, the entire sound of MARBLE 2 finally passes a complex effect matrix. This effect matrix includes various effects such as low- and highpass filter, distortion, frequency rate, random generator and more. And now the addition of shaping the length and lp filter on top of the sequencer. Through the slightest changes in these effects, MARBLE 2 achieves impressive results and gives exciting vitality and complexity to all the sounds or patterns. And guess what? All of that works in real-time.

Clever Preset Menu
No more problem wading through long lists of presets. Marble 2 – like Rhytmik – has a dynamic preset menu with over 20 adjectives in 4 categories. And if you like a pattern, add it to your personal favorites list. A real innovation!

About 400 presets
Marble 2 comes with almost 400 presets. Almost everything you could wish for is there. Fat and deep hybrid percussion loops make a modern chase a breeze. Or beautiful atmospheric melodies that can be the starting point for something emotional. Or just some field recordings, very usable as snippets for your music.

Marble 2 includes an expansive list of new features:
- A clever preset browser that allows you to filter through 23 categories.
- Favorites: Now, you can add presets to your favorites list for easier and quicker reach.
- Marble 2's sequencer comes with 63 entirely new instruments divided into four categories: organic sounds, powerful synths, textures, and percussive instruments.
- The textures now come with a new function called Start Point, i.e., each step of the sequencer triggers the texture sample, which can start at different points. Start points, combined with the length functions, allow for a new and easy handling approach.
- Control the attack of the length function
- Two different types of distortion
- The adjustable low pass filter resonance
- A new chorus with variable tempo
- Micro tuning capability
- Event repetition
- Finally, and that's great - you can now use the mod-wheel to control the sequencer slots' length and low pass filter in real-time and relative to the track table steps.



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