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deCoda 可以解码任何歌曲,因此您可以在几分钟内学会播放它。在几秒钟内,deCoda 会告诉你主旋律、节奏、和弦和合唱的位置等等。

使用 deCoda 就像添加您最喜欢的歌曲并让 deCoda 帮助您解决问题一样简单。受到音乐和唱片行业工作人员的启发和启发,deCoda 提供的功能使学习歌曲比以往任何时候都更加轻松。
deCoda 由 zplane 构建。 zplane 技术被顶级艺术家和制作人用于制作世界上许多最热门的作品,同样的技术也被用于为 deCoda 提供动力。

deCoda 对歌曲节拍、速度和结构的了解让您能够以音乐术语而不是样本或秒来导航。只需敲击键盘或轻扫触摸屏,即可按部分、小节或节拍探索歌曲。自动有一个部分循环并以同样快的速度扩展这些循环。专注于您的仪器,而不是导航。

deCoda 解码您歌曲的音乐数据,例如节拍、速度、键、和弦和歌曲结构。使用 AI deCoda 可以对每个问题进行有根据的猜测,为您的编辑提供一个良好的起点。在某些情况下,您不需要进行任何编辑!

钢琴卷曲显示歌曲的旋律内容,并让您选择可用于转录的音符。结果可以回放并作为 MIDI 导出到您的 DAW 或乐谱软件。


zplane 的 elastique Pro 是世界上最好和最常用的时间拉伸算法之一。当然,它也在 deCoda 内部。您可以放慢速度或加快速度并更改键以使其适合您的乐器或声音。 deCoda 还会检测歌曲的调音频率,并自动将其与您喜欢的调音频率相匹配 – 无需手动设置。

需要节拍器来练习吗?如果您想要 deCoda 可以添加节拍器,点击第 4、第 8 或第 16 节拍 – 始终与您的歌曲同步。它还可以添加 1 或 2 小节的预备拍,甚至可以识别潜在的乐观,这样您就不会再错过第一个音符。


deCoda can decode any song so you can learn to play it in minutes. In seconds deCoda will tell you the key, tempo, chords where the verses and choruses are and more.

Using deCoda is as simple as adding your favourite song and letting deCoda help you figure it out. Inspired and informed by those working in the music and recording industry, deCoda offers features that make learning a song more effortless than ever.
deCoda has been built by zplane. zplane technology is used to make many of the biggest hits in the world by top artist and producers, and that same know-how is used to power deCoda.

Musical Navigation
deCoda’s knowledge of a song’s beat, tempo and structure let you navigate in musical terms rather than in samples or seconds. Explore the song in parts, bars or beats just with a keyboard hit or touch screen swipe. Automatically have a section loop and expand these loops just as quickly. Concentrate on your instrument, not the navigation.

Chord & Structure Recognition
deCoda decodes your song’s musical data such as beat, tempo, key, chords and song structure. Using AI deCoda makes educated guesses for each providing a good starting point for your edits. In some cases, you’ll not need to make any edits!

Pianoroll with spectral view
The pianoroll shows the melodic content of your song and lets you pick the notes that you can use for transcription. Results can be played back and exported as MIDI to your DAW or notation software.

Focus mode lets you highlight the instrument in the stereo mix that you want to hear. And when you’re done figuring out the part then switch to inverted Focus mode to remove the instrument and practice with the backing track.

Change tempo, pitch or both!
zplane’s elastique Pro is one of the best and the most used time-stretching algorithms in the world. And of course, it’s also inside deCoda. You can slow things down or speed them up and change the key to make it fit your instrument or voice. deCoda also detects the tuning frequency of the song and matches it automatically to your preferred tuning frequency – no manual setup needed.

Need a metronome for practice? If you want deCoda can add a metronome, clicking in 4th, 8th or 16th beats – always in sync with your song. It can also add a 1 or 2 bar count-in and even identify a potential upbeat, so you will never miss the first note again.