Heavyocity Media发布了广受好评的马赛克系列虚拟乐器系列的新成员。




Heavyocity launches Mosaic Pads cinematic Kontakt Player library

Heavyocity Media has released a new addition to the acclaimed Mosaic Series line of virtual instruments.

Mosaic Pads transforms a myriad of hand-crafted, synthesized sounds into a wide range of cinematic possibilities. Brimming with inspiration and intangible movement, these unique soundscapes, eerie tones, and unearthly textures were designed to enhance any score — setting an instant mood and evoking an entirely new level of creativity.

“Pads have such a unique way of guiding emotion, creating dimension, and building interesting sonic worlds” said Ari Winters, Creative Director/Senior Partner, Heavyocity. “And with Mosaic Pads we’ve re-imagined what synthesized sounds are capable of in modern scoring — delivering dynamic otherworldly, ambient, and atmospheric textures that will elevate any sonic palette.”

With over 100 meticulously-crafted snapshots, ranging from mellow to eerie, unnerving to gritty, Mosaic Pads is the perfect addition to this inspiring series, providing compelling textures capable of creating your sonic story.

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