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受一位传奇吉他手的签名放大器的启发,一位发明家启发了 5XXX 签名吉他放大器,它提供了一种非常特殊的吉他音色,被称为“棕色声音”。它还实现了 Kuassa 的下一代用户界面。使用更干净、可调整大小的界面为用户简化操作插件的过程。

与重音乐密切相关的数字有哪些?除了野兽的编号,它可能是这个数字序列:51 和 50。它的名字取自传奇吉他手的签名,这位发明家启发了 5XXX 签名吉他放大器,提供了一种非常特殊的吉他音色,被称为作为“棕色的声音”。放大器已成为金属声音的主要产品。它出现在每张带有破碎和失真吉他的专辑中,例如 Machine Head*、Opeth*、Testament*、Trivium*、Gojira* 等等!

在我们的第三代电子管引擎的支持下,Kuassa 重新创建和调整了 5XXX 放大器的所有三个主要版本,以提供臭​​名昭著的棕色声音,在您的 DAW(Amplifikation VVV)中无与伦比。

3 个通道:红色、绿色和蓝色
3 种放大器类型
A 型,Mark I:美丽而丰富的干净通道,非常适合梦幻民谣或更柔和的段落。适用于 PAF 型拾音器。具有 80 年代风味的疯狂良好的紧缩通道和紧密的引导通道。
B 型,Mark II:厚实而饱满的中频,低端紧实,提供著名的棕色声音。非常适合清脆和动态的节奏音调。 70年代的英国音调是第一个想到的声音。
C型,Mark III:深沉而具有侵略性的巨大增益,将取悦所有金属头。在获得最大收益时,有些人会说它已经失控了。现代制作的必备品。
Sag 和 Bias 功能在功率放大器部分。
五种类型的箱体,其脉冲响应取自真正的 Peavey* 箱体。
九种主力麦克风:Shure SM57*、Sennheiser MD421*、Sennheiser MD441*、Shure KSM 353*、Royer 121*、AKG C414*、Neumann TLM103*、Sennheiser E609* 和 Beyerdynamic M 201*。
支持高达 8 倍的过采样。


Inspired by a signature amp of a legendary guitarist, an inventor who has inspired the 5XXX signature guitar amplifier which delivers a very specific kind of guitar tone, dubbed as the “brown sound“. It’s also implement Kuassa’s next-generation user interface. Streamlining the process of operating the plugin for users with a cleaner, resizeable interface.

What are some numbers that are closely related to heavy music? Other than the number of the beast, it’s probably this sequence of numbers: 51 and 50. Taking its name from the signature of the legendary guitarist, an inventor who has inspired the 5XXX signature guitar amplifier delivers a very specific kind of guitar tone, dubbed as the “brown sound“. The amp has become a staple of metal sound. It’s on every album with crushing and distorted guitars, such as Machine Head*, Opeth*, Testament*, Trivium*, Gojira*, and so many others!

Powered by our 3rd generation tube engine, Kuassa recreates and tweaks all three major versions of the 5XXX amps to deliver the infamous brown sound that blasts like nothing else in your DAW, the Amplifikation VVV.

Key Features
3 channels: Red, Green and Blue
3 Amp Types
Type A, Mark I: Beautiful and rich clean channel, ideal for dreamy ballads or softer passage. Works great with PAF type pickups. Crazy good crunch channel and tight lead channel with 80s flavor.
Type B, Mark II: Thick and full midrange with tight low end that delivers the famous brown sound. Great for crunchy and dynamic rhythm tones. 70’s British tones are the first sound that comes to mind.
Type C, Mark III: Deep and aggressive with monstrous gain that will please all metalheads. On maximum gain, some will say that it’s out of control. A must for modern productions.
NEW! High-res resizable graphic.
NEW! Many improvements for the user interface.
Sag and Bias feature on the power amp section.
Low pass and high pass filters.
Five types of cabinets with impulse responses taken from genuine Peavey* cabinets.
Nine types of workhorse mics: Shure SM57*, Sennheiser MD421*, Sennheiser MD441*, Shure KSM 353*, Royer 121*, AKG C414*, Neumann TLM103*, Sennheiser E609*, and Beyerdynamic M 201*.
Freely adjustable dual-miking configurations with mono or stereo configuration, just like a real-life guitar recording session with mix option.
Built-in Noise Gate and Limiter
Straightforward and easy to use interface
Supports up to 8x Oversampling.