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Team R2R | 2022.10.08 | 21.51 MB

Ampire High Density Pack 具有三个标志性的放大器和六个单块效果器效果,所有这些都使用 State Space Modeling 精心重现。 您还可以获得三个以标志性设计为模型的脉冲响应式配套橱柜。 这款 Ampire 插件非常适合寻求高增益声音和异国效果的吉他手,并且兼容第三代 Ampire(Studio One 版本 5.1.1 或更高版本),包括 VST/AU/AAX 独立 版本。 混合和匹配放大器、箱体和踏脚板,以创造从碾核到捶打以及介于两者之间的每一种巨大吉他音色的声音——Ampire 高密度插件将重申您对可以想象的最重音乐的承诺。


Throw your horns and protect your ears, Ampire High Density Pack features three iconic amps and six stompbox effects—all lovingly recreated using State Space Modeling. You also get three companion cabinets impulse-response modeled from iconic designs. This Add-on for Ampire is ideally suited for guitar players looking for high-gain sounds and exotic effects, and is compatible with the the third-generation Ampire (Studio One version 5.1.1 or later) including the VST/AU/AAX standalone versions. Mix and match amps, cabs, and stompers to create sounds from grindcore to thrash and every massive guitar tone in between—the Ampire High Density Add-on will reaffirm your commitment to the heaviest music imaginable.

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System Requirements
Windows 10 x64