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‘Flavor’有VST和AUDIO UNITS格式,适用于MAC, 32/64位VST格式,适用于PC。



File size: 76.6 MB

‘Flavor’ is a Virtual Hardware Emulation and Tone Box four years in the making. Utilizing the same technology as similar products but with far more flexibility and hardware emulations.

Using complex dynamic convolution and harmonics algorithms, we are able to offer some of the magical analog sound that is a result of simply passing audio through some of the best audio gear of all time.

Legendary mixing consoles, preamps, EQs, compressors, and even things like shortwave radios and vacuum tubes. All have been carefully captured and programmed to capture the magic of each of these pieces of hardware. Throw a silver tube pre on your main vocal, a seventy-three over your drum buss, a legendary console on each track, the possibilities are endless. But beyond the initial tone being imparted by the models, you can blend, drive, and customize the tone of each instance to your liking.

Every similar product ever made offers 3 maybe 5 hardware models to choose from and with limited parameters and tone variations. ‘Flavor’ offers 117 different hardware models and an almost endless variety of tonal varieties with drive, blend, and tone adjustment with more models added with each update! So what are you waiting for grab a copy and start adding FLAVOR to your tracks today!

‘Flavor’ is available in VST and AUDIO UNITS format for MAC and 32/64 Bit VST format for PC.