TeamCubeadooby | x64: VST3, VST2, AAX | x86: VST3, VST2, AAX | 58.3 MB

在工作室里有一个老式的装备收藏是很好的和鼓舞人心的,但不幸的是,这也是耗时和昂贵的。SounDevice Studio的老板Boris Carloff非常清楚这一点,因为他已经收集古董设备超过20年了:


这个版本对于x86来说是非常酷的,因为它已经没有了。以防您不知道,每种体系结构的所有三个文件都是彼此的1:1副本。VST = VST3 = AAX,它都是同一个文件,对于每个体系结构都是如此。它既是工厂真实的,也是发布真实的。这个也要快。可能过不了多久了。你知道现在几点了,怎么过的。真诚地,享受和尊重所有不哭泣和开始不必要的废话。“如果你不开创任何事业,就不会有任何事业。”你们是全明星。那些这么做的人有其他动机,这应该被承认。注:这次没有隐藏字节或函数。?

Windows 8或更新版本(32 / 64位)




TeamCubeadooby | x64: VST3, VST2, AAX | x86: VST3, VST2, AAX | 58.3 MB

Having a vintage gear collection in the studio is nice and inspirational but unfortunately, it is also time-consuming and expensive. SounDevice Studio’s owner, Boris Carloff, knows this very well, as he has been collecting vintage gear for more than 20 years:

“There is always something not working. From tubes to scratchy pots, from meters to noisy caps. And the units are so rare that you can hardly ever use them on multiple channels simultaneously.” To avoid these limitations, we were inspired to create a solution that included the best of these devices into one plugin. The result is UniChannel.

Cube says
This release is extra cool for x86, since that has been without. In case you don’t know it, all three files of each architcture are 1:1 copies of each other. VST = VST3 = AAX and it’s all the same file, for each architecture this holds true. It is both factory and release true. Get this one quickly too. It might not be up for so long. You know what time it is and how it goes. Sincerely, enjoy and much respect to all that don’t snivel and start unnecessary nonsense. “If you don’t start none, there will be none.” YOU are the all stars. The ones that do it have alterior motives, it should be recognized. P.S. No byte or function hiding this time. ?

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Windows 8 or newer (32 / 64 bit)