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Kontakt 6的超凡体验刚刚登陆!可玩的铅和大气的声音,无人机,声景,击中,上升,嗖嗖,braams,波表,节奏循环和许多超自然的纹理和效果。



在ncw有2982个样本。格式。需要完整版本的KONTAKT 6.5.2+(不兼容免费KONTAKT播放器)。



19th Nov 2022 Kontakt | 8.5 GB

An otherworldly experience for Kontakt 6 has just landed! Playable lead and atmospheric sounds, drones, soundscapes, hits, risers, whooshes, braams, wave tables, rhythmic loops and lots of unearthly textures and effects.

UAP brings you a unique alien engine to push your music and sound design to another dimension. You can bend time and space, blend into different sound dimensions, engage lots of alien-sounding FX, add organic movement and pulses and/or engage the auto-pilot and just sit back/enjoy your space flight listening to which unknown and exotic places your sounds are taken to. Last but not least, you can drag&drop your own samples (up to 128) and tweak them inside the engine, importing your favourite sample packs or expanding the instrument with our future expansion packs especially designed and optimized for UAP.


2982 samples in ncw. format. Requires full version of KONTAKT 6.5.2+ (not compatible with Free Kontakt Player).