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预兆是一个基于仪式声音和史诗战争圣歌的Kontakt图书馆。我们记录了来自世界各地不同文化的许多传统演唱风格:图瓦喉音和泛音演唱(Kaargyra, Khoomei和Szygyt),撒丁岛喉音演唱(Bassu),北欧Kulning(高音女性风格),斯拉夫式演唱(白人声音),西方男中音,男高音和女高音,喉音,仪式圣歌,甚至极端扭曲,高音技术,尖叫,fry和咆哮。







19th Nov 2022 | Kontakt | 4.9 GB

Omen is a Kontakt library based on ritual voices and epic war chants. We have recorded many traditional singing styles from different cultures around the world: Tuvan throat and overtone singing (Kaargyra, Khoomei and Szygyt), Sardinian Throat singing (Bassu), Nordic Kulning (high pitch female style), Slavic Singing (white voices), Western baritone, tenor and soprano, guttural voices, ritual chants and even extreme distortion, high-pitch techniques, screams, vocal fry and growls.

The result is a set of 8 different playable Kontakt instruments that combine all these voices together to create a huge variety of sounds: from shamanic low vocal drones to mysterious rhythmic hymns, from ethereal female choirs to aggressive haka-style chants, from monk humming sounds to Viking-reminding vocal ensembles.

The instruments in Omen instantly evoke solemn rituals in a forgotten temple, the screams of the battlefield, the ethereal colors of a nordic landscape, mysterious pagan cults, sorceries and witchcrafts, the whispering of the spirits in the woods.

Omen is for TV, film , game composers and sound designers looking for a one of a kind instrument based on rare and meticulously recorded voices to immediately set a ‘dark age’ mood. It fits particularly well the epic genre, with specific regard to fantasy and dark age movies, but its versatility makes it useful also for post-horror, thriller, electronic and ambient music.