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Massive X 是 Native Instruments 的新旗舰合成器,由与其前身相同的团队打造。 基于最先进的架构,它为艺术家和声音设计师等提供了纯净的声音和巨大的创作灵活性——允许他们以他们喜欢的任何方式创建、调制和试验来自大量来源的声音。

在 MASSIVE X 的核心,您会发现全新的振荡器部分——能够在源头产生比某些完整合成器更多的变化。 从超过 170 个波表和 10 种不同的读取模式中进行选择——从激进的大猩猩系列到波表弯曲模式、Hardsync、Formant 等等——每种模式都有自己独特的子模式和附加控件。 拨入两个相位调制振荡器以向主振荡器注入额外的运动。

将任何输出连接到任何输入,看看会发生什么。 直观的路由设置让您基本上可以重新连接 MASSIVE X 的部分,这意味着您可以通过任何您喜欢的方式绕过、反馈和发送音频。 也可以将调制器路由为音频源,以激发梳状滤波器等元件。

在 Performer 部分绘制精确的调制模式,并将它们分配给复杂的、不断变化的音色的参数,或用于控制声音的变化。 然后,您可以使用 Remote Octave 控件在键盘上触发它们,这意味着您可以在单个 Patch 中获得真正可玩的调制和巨大的表现力。

添加了 AAX Apple Silicon 支持
改进各种浏览器修复和增强功能。 现在可以编辑用户预设标签
FIXED Massive 现在兼容 macOS Ventura
已知问题 VST3 在扫描期间在 macOS 上的 Reaper 中崩溃(但仍通过验证)
已知问题主机自动化参数名称在 Apple Silicon 计算机上的 Logic 和 GarageBand 中固定为“Macro”
已知问题 与 Mainstage 一起使用时间歇性崩溃
已知问题 在使用 Digital Performer 调用项目时,VST3 宏参数会被 DAW 覆盖。 请改用 AU 或 VST2


Massive X is Native Instruments’ new flagship synth, built by the same team as its predecessor. Based on a state of the art architecture, it delivers pristine sound, and huge creative flexibility for artists and sound designers alike – allowing them to create, modulate, and experiment with sound from a huge range of sources, in any way they like.

At the heart of MASSIVE X you’ll find the completely new oscillator section – capable of producing more variation than some entire synths, right at the source. Choose from over 170 wavetables and 10 different modes of reading them – from the aggressive Gorilla family, to a wavetable-bending mode, Hardsync, Formant, and many more – each with their own unique sub-modes and additional controls. Dial in two phase-modulation oscillators to inject extra movement into the main oscillators.

Connect any output to any input, and see what happens. The intuitive routing setup lets you essentially rewire parts of MASSIVE X, meaning you can bypass, feedback, and send audio any way you like. It’s also possible to route modulators as audio sources to excite elements such as the comb filter.

Draw precise patterns of modulation in the Performer section, and assign them to parameters for complex, evolving patches, or for controlled changes to your sound. You can then use the Remote Octave control to trigger them on your keyboard, meaning you get truly playable modulation and huge expressive variety within a single patch.

Whats New
ADDED AAX Apple Silicon support
IMPROVED Various browser fixes and enhancements. User preset tags can now be edited
FIXED Massive is now macOS Ventura compatible
KNOWN ISSUE VST3 crashes in Reaper on macOS during scan (but still passes validation)
KNOWN ISSUE Host automation parameter names are fixed to “Macro” in Logic and GarageBand on Apple Silicon computers
KNOWN ISSUE Intermittent crashes when used with Mainstage
KNOWN ISSUE VST3 Macro parameters are overwritten by the DAW when recalling projects with Digital Performer. Please use AU or VST2 instead