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什么是起源 X?
Origin X 是一个动态循环和效果引擎,配有世界一流的循环库 – 非常适合所有风格的音乐制作。

由 Native Instruments 的行业标准 KONTAKT PLAYER 平台提供支持,Origin X 引入了一种全新的方式来分层、雕刻和自动化旋律循环和节奏元素。

Origin X 将电影、合成器、工业、陷阱、浩室、环境、EDM、灵魂乐、放克、电子乐、碎拍等所有元素无缝融合到一个强大的循环引擎中,保证将您的作品提升到新的高度。 超过两千个循环和预设与一个无法定义的音频引擎配对。

Origin X 拥有超过 50,000 行代码,是当今市场上最强大的循环引擎之一。 使用随附的 1400 多个尖端循环之一快速找到灵感,或者简单地拖放您自己的样本并保存您的自定义用户套件和效果链。

– 1400 多个循环
– 350 个主预设
– 130 种声音预设
– 100 种效果预设

我们添加了一些优化,以及对 Scorpio 的完整 NKS 和 Kontakt Player 支持。
需要 NI Kontakt Player 或 Kontakt FULL v6.4.1 及更高版本!


Origin X is a dynamic loop and effects engine accompanied by a world-class loop library – perfect for all styles of music production.

Powered by Native Instruments’ industry-standard KONTAKT PLAYER platform, Origin X introduces an entirely new way to layer, sculpt, and automate melodic loops and rhythmic elements.

Origin X seamlessly fuses together all things cinematic, synth, industrial, trap, house, ambient, EDM, soul, funk, techno, breakbeat, and much more into a powerhouse loop engine guaranteed to take your productions to new heights. Over two thousand loops and presets are paired up with an audio engine that defies definition.

With over 50,000 lines of code, Origin X is one of the most powerful loop engines on the market today. Find inspriation quickly with one of the included 1400+ cutting edge loops, or simply drag and drop your own samples and save your custom user kits and effects chains.

– 1400+ loops
– 350 master presets
– 130 sounds presets
– 100 effects presets

Weve added a few optimizations, as well as full NKS and Kontakt Player support for Scorpio.

Requires NI Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v6.4.1 and higher!