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Finisher是UJAM推出的一款全新的效果器插件。 它旨在将整个效果器机架的强大功能与单个插件的易用性和即时满足性相结合。 Finisher 是您的音乐伴侣,它将不断激发您的灵感,并保护您不再录制或混音平淡乏味的曲目。

在 ujam,我们希望您专注于唯一重要的事情:您的音乐! 超级简化的界面保证了良好的设计灵感而不会让人头疼。 为音乐家、制作人、声音设计师甚至播客提供一些新鲜灵感。

当您准备好一首很棒的基本曲目时,您知道那种感觉,但您就是无法让它听起来很有趣吗? 您当然知道,我们也这样做,这就是我们设计 Finisher 系列的原因。 你从知道发生了什么的压力中解脱出来。 相信您的耳朵会受到启发——让您的曲目更优美、更有趣、更大、更硬,或者完全改变它们——而您的注意力仍然放在音乐上。

我们将 Finisher 设计为在表面层面上进行了超简化。 没有复杂的设置,没有旋钮和按钮的舰队,没有学习曲线。 只需浏览现成的模式(引擎盖下的脚本和自动化多重效果链)并享受——可能是——有史以来最直接、最令人愉快的声音设计过程。

这不仅仅是一种效果。 这是不必使用过多效果的解决方案。 您可以将 Finisher 视为具有几乎无限的效果处理器插槽的通道条,所有这些都可以在模式更改时打开和关闭。

终结者 BOOST v1.2.1
终结者 DYNAMO v1.2.0
整理器 FLUXX v1.2.0
整理器 MICRO v1.2.0
终结者 NEO v1.2.0
修整器 RETRO v1.2.0
终结者 VOODOO v1.2.0


Finisher is a brand-new type of effect plug-in by UJAM. It is designed to combine the power of an entire effect rack with the ease-of-use and instant gratification of a single plug-in. Finisher is your musical companion that will keep inspiring you, and protects you from recording or mixing a bland and boring track ever again.

Focus on Music
At ujam, we want you to focus on the only important thing: Your music! The super-simplified interface guarantees sound design inspiration without headaches. A dash of fresh inspiration for musicians, producers, sound designers and even podcasters.

Never Again a Boring Audio Track
Know that feeling when you got a great basic track laid down, but you just can’t get it to sound interesting? Sure you do, we do too, and that’s why we designed the Finisher series. You are freed from the pressure to know what’s going on. Trust your ears to be inspired – and make your tracks more beautiful, interesting, bigger, tougher, or change them entirely – while your focus remains on your music.

Keep it Simple, Stupid
We’ve designed Finisher to be hyper-simplified at surface level. No complicated setup, no armada of knobs and buttons, no learning curve. Just browse through the ready-made Modes (scripted and automated multi-effect chains under the hood) and enjoy the – probably – most straight-forward and delightful sound-design process ever.

Special FX
It’s not just an effect. It is the solution to not having to use a plethora of effects. You could think of a Finisher as a channel strip with virtually unlimited slots for effect processors, all of which can be switched on and off at the change of the Mode.

Finisher BOOST v1.2.1
Finisher DYNAMO v1.2.0
Finisher FLUXX v1.2.0
Finisher MICRO v1.2.0
Finisher NEO v1.2.0
Finisher RETRO v1.2.0
Finisher VOODOO v1.2.0