Team V.R | 14 April 2023 | 9.14 GB

250 个解锁的 Arturia 音色库和 142 个第三方音色库

除了百万小图架构的左手两个,Arturia 插件在检查受保护预设的许可方面也存在偏执缺陷——对超过 10,000 个受保护预设的合法性逐一进行检查,这大大增加了初始化时间 插件伤心因此,加速加载所有受保护的预设,被清除和解锁。 现在,即使是不支持受保护预设的第三方不完美版本(例如 R2R)也可以使用这些经过净化的预设


250 unlocked Arturia Sound Banks & 142 Third Party Sound Banks

In addition to the two left hands of architecture with a million small pictures, the Arturia plugins also have a paranoid flaw in checking the license of protected presets – is checked by legitimate each of more than 10,000 protected presets, which greatly increases the initialization time of plugins Sad Therefore, to accelerate loads all protected presets, were cleared and unlocked. Now these purified presets can be used even with third-party imperfect releases (eg R2R) that did not support protected presets