Team R2R | 2023.04.23 | 143 MB

ReCoil 为您提供真正的弹簧混响的真实声音,没有麻烦、噪音或限制。

Tanks, Slinkys, Door Stops, 任何带弹簧的东西

弹簧混响在音乐界一直名声不佳。 它们无法调整、嘈杂、身体脆弱,并且在您踢吉他放大器时会发出叮当声。 但尽管它们存在缺点,但有一件事是肯定的:它们特有的笨拙声音巩固了它们在历史上的地位。 喜欢或讨厌它们,弹簧混响会立即为任何乐器带来无可否认的复古氛围。

是什么让 ReCoil 与众不同?
可调整性:如果您不能调整插件,那它还有什么意义呢? ReCoil 可让您选择哪个弹簧,但有多少。 每个弹簧型号都允许您在 1 到 3 个弹簧之间进行选择。

各种弹簧:我们最初的计划是只使用几个混响箱,但有点得意忘形,添加了 slinkies、门挡、我们在垃圾桶中发现的随机弹簧以及基本上任何我们能找到的隐约类似于 弹簧(我更喜欢 Arvin Ash 对弹簧的定义)。

算法或脉冲:如果您不能调整其设置,混响有什么用? ReCoil 带有用于最大控制的算法混响和用于最大真实感的基于脉冲的混响。 你可以决定你需要什么。

立体声:弹簧混响几乎都是单声道的,这很酷,但很难击败一个不错的宽立体声混响。 ReCoil 可让您通过分别对每个弹簧进行平移,从弹簧混响中获得自然宽广的混响声音。


ReCoil gives you the authentic sound of real spring reverbs without the hassle, noise or limitations.

Algorithmic and Impulse based models
Full Control over spring settings
Tanks, Slinkys, Door Stops, anything with a spring
Instant Vintage Vibe

Spring reverbs have always had a bit of a sketchy reputation in the music world. They are untweakable, noisy, physically delicate and make clanky sounds when you kick your guitar amp. But despite their shortcomings, one thing is for sure: their characteristic boingy sound has cemented their place in history. Love them or hate them, spring reverbs instantly give any instrument an undeniably vintage vibe.

What makes ReCoil special?
Tweakability: What’s the point of a plugin if you can’t tweak it? ReCoil lets you choose which spring, but how many. Each spring model lets you choose between 1 and 3 springs.

Variety of Springs: We started out with the plan of just using a few reverb tanks, but got a bit carried away and added slinkies, door stops, random springs we found in the trash and basically anything that we could find that could vaguely resemble a spring (I prefer Arvin Ash’s definition of a spring).

Algorithmic or Impulse: What good is a reverb if you can’t tweak its settings? ReCoil comes with both algorithmic reverbs for maximum control and impulse based reverbs for maximum realism. You get to decide what you need.

Stereo: Spring reverbs are almost universally mono, which is cool and all, but it’s hard to beat a nice wide stereo reverb. ReCoil lets you get a naturally wide reverb sound out of a spring reverb by panning each spring separately.