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Ashampoo Music Studio 10 是您音乐的瑞士军刀。 它提供了一套全面的工具,用于轻松编辑、制作、修剪、混合和组织音乐和音频文件。

选择新的 Ashampoo Music Studio 10 的 8 大理由!
Ashampoo Music Studio 10 的强大功能让您充分利用您的音乐收藏! 它配备了 8 个方便的模块,从精确的音频编辑到音轨剪切和刻录,这些模块是音乐爱好者的梦想成真。 Ashampoo Music Studio 10 结合了易用性和强大的效率:转换、混合和组织您的歌曲库,创建、编辑和打印自定义封面图稿,使用光盘翻录来构建和扩展您的音乐收藏——您可以做到这一切以及更多 使用 Ashampoo Music Studio 10 几乎不费吹灰之力!……


Ashampoo Music Studio 10 is the Swiss Army knife for your music. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for easy editing, producing, trimming, mixing and organizing of music and audio files.

8 solid reasons for the new Ashampoo Music Studio 10!
The powerful features in Ashampoo Music Studio 10 let you make the most of your music collection! It comes with 8 handy modules that are a dream come true for music lovers–from precise audio editing to track cutting and burning. Ashampoo Music Studio 10 combines ease of use with power and efficiency: Convert, mix, and organize your song libraries, create, edit and print custom cover artwork, use disc ripping to build and extend your music collection–you can do all that and more with little to no effort with Ashampoo Music Studio 10!……