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终极节拍制作者。 适用于 DJ 和制作人的直观节拍制作软件。 使用 Serato Studio 花更少的时间来解决障碍,花更多的时间制作音乐。

借助预制鼓模式、BPM 同步和一键式调移等省时功能,快速记下您的想法并保持创意流程。

DJ 友好制作
使用您的 DJ 硬件制作节拍并访问您的整个 Serato DJ 库。 您还将获得熟悉的 DJ 元素,如彩色波形、混音通道和高质量 FX。


使用 VST 和 AU 插件、自动化和导出词干来完全按照您想要的方式自定义您的声音。

自动和弦模式 – 立即在项目的调中生成和弦 – 没有音乐理论,没问题。 打开 Feel 旋钮以模拟现场键盘演奏者。
歌曲视图改进 – 包括复制音轨的能力、歌曲视图中新的“返回开始”按钮以及歌曲视图侧边栏中新的水平调整大小。
量化提示点 – 量化模式现在会将您的提示点捕捉到最接近的半拍 – 就像 Serato DJ 一样。
Serato DJ 库更新 – 对于所有制作人 DJ,您的 DJ 选项卡列现在将与它们在 Serato DJ 中的显示方式同步。


The ultimate beat maker. Intuitive beat making software for DJs and producers. Spend less time hitting roadblocks and more time making music with Serato Studio.

Fast, simple workflow.
Get your ideas down quick and stay in the creative flow with time-saving features, including pre-made drum patterns, BPM-sync and one-click key shifting.

DJ-friendly production
Make beats with your DJ hardware and access your entire Serato DJ library. You’ll also get familiar DJ elements like colored waveforms, a mixing channel, and high-quality FX.

Built-in sounds to get started
Start making music right away with built-in drum-kits, instruments, loops and samples from renowned artists and sound designers.

Simple but powerful
Use VST and AU plug-ins, automation, and export stems to customize your sound exactly how you want it.

Auto Chord Mode – Instantly generate chords in the key of your project – no music theory, no problem. Turn on the Feel knob to simulate a live keyboard player.
Song View Improvements – Including the ability to duplicate your Audio Tracks, a new ‘Back to Start’ button in the Song View, and new horizontal resizing in the Song View sidebar.
Quantized Cue Points – Quantize Mode will now snap your Cue Points to the closest half-beat – just like Serato DJ.
Serato DJ Library Update – For all the producer-DJs out there, your DJ tab columns will now sync up with how they appear in Serato DJ.