在言语失败的地方,音乐获得了力量。 我们凯尔特竖琴的神奇童话拉动将听众带到天堂般的神奇世界。

CELESTIAL HARP 是一首凯尔特竖琴,具有神圣灵感的声音,具有独特的音色,其弹拨温暖而柔和,但饱满的弹奏却又郁郁葱葱。 它是将您的听众带入幻想世界和古老环境的完美之选,尤其是当与我们的 Glow 滑块的粒子功率配合使用时,它将声音转变为令人难以置信的、舒缓的、轻快的垫子。 通过调整速度和动态范围进一步控制粒子效果。

记录了 5 个循环,它还包括用于创建谐波层的 flageolet 技术。 Natural 和 Harmonic 层可以根据您的喜好进行平衡,在自然弹拨和更闪亮的弹拨之间进行调整。 包含的 10 个预设经过精心设计,可充分利用自然的竖琴音色和 Glow 滑块的完整空灵垫效果。

凯尔特竖琴比像 HA•PI 这样的古典竖琴更小更紧凑。 由于它的大小,它更常用于民间和传统音乐,以及酒馆和精灵节庆活动中。

– 调整 Glow 滑块以将一些音符转换为催眠氛围
– 10 个预设,专为自然的竖琴音色和空灵的平原而设计
– 完全控制这个采样精美的凯尔特竖琴的各个方面


需要 Native Instrument 的 KONTAKT 6.7.1 或更高版本的完整版本!


Where words fail, music gains its power. The magical fairytale pulls of our Celtic harp transport the listener to magical worlds in heavenly places.

A Celtic harp with a divinely inspired sound, CELESTIAL HARP has a unique tone that is warm and soft in its plucks, but lush and enveloping with its full strums. It is perfect to transport your listeners to fantasy worlds and ancient settings, especially when paired with the particle power of our Glow slider, which transmutes the sound into an incredible, soothing, and airy pad. Control the particle effect further by adjusting speed and dynamic range.

Recorded with 5 round robins, it also includes the flageolet technique to create a Harmonic layer. The Natural and Harmonic layers can be balanced to your preference, adjusting between a natural pluck and one with more shimmer. The 10 presets included are crafted to take full advantage of both the natural harp tones and the full ethereal pad effect of the Glow slider.

The Celtic harp is much smaller and more compact than a classical harp like HA•PI. Because of its size, it’s more commonly used in folk and traditional music, as well as in taverns and at Elven festivities.

– Adjust the Glow slider to transform a few notes into hypnotic atmospheres
– 10 presets crafted for natural harp sounds and ethereal plains
– Complete control over every aspect of this beautifully sampled Celtic harp

FULL VERSION of Native Instrument’s KONTAKT 6.7.1 or higher is required!