Team V.R | 06 June 2023 | 918 MB

在过去几年中,一系列高性能数字吉他程序和移动应用程序改变了数百万吉他手演奏和录音的方式。 虽然这些应用程序中的大多数都是同一主题的变体,但我们觉得吉他世界需要一些新的东西。

结果就是 BIAS FX,从头开始设计,在音质和终极灵活性上毫不妥协。 它配备了来自我们广泛的音频信号处理研究的所有最新和最好的算法,提供了模拟踏板、工作室机架齿轮和电子管放大器的非常详细和真实的仿真。 它还具有双信号路径和与 BIAS Amp 的完全集成,允许您在同一设置中使用两个自定义 Amp Match 放大器模型。

DUAL BIAS AMPSBIAS FX 可以利用双信号路径,允许您同时组合两组不同放大器、扬声器箱体和麦克风的声音属性,提供使用单个放大器无法实现的声音选项世界。 BIAS FX 与 BIAS Amp 软件完全集成,可自动导入您自定义的 BIAS Amp 和 Amp Match 模型,为您提供创造全新吉他音色和质感的强大功能。

您可以在 ToneCloud® 上轻松创建、共享或下载自定义踏板。 已经有数百种可供选择,我们不断与来自世界各地的专业艺术家和会话玩家合作,为 BIAS FX 提供数量不断增加的大量虚拟踏板和装备。

我们在工程 BIAS FX 中采用了不妥协的方法,从失真仿真中的详细触摸灵敏度到合唱踏板中的双精度调制算法,我们力求在我们所做的一切中尽可能获得最佳音质。 我们一直致力于开发新功能和更新我们的核心技术,重新定义吉他放大器和效果器模拟世界的可能性。

BIAS FX 拥有业内最先进的 DSP 声音引擎,具有与 BIAS Amp Pro 软件的完全集成和设计精美的用户界面。 BIAS FX 拥有大量放大器、机架和踏板效果器,并与 BIAS Pedal 软件完全集成,是一个强大的跨平台吉他处理环境。 第一次,您可以在录音室录音和在 iPad 上进行现场表演和练习时获得真正真实的高品质吉他音色。


Over the last several years, a range of high-powered digital guitar programs and mobile apps have changed the way millions of guitarists play and record. While most of these apps are variations on the same theme, we felt the world of guitar needed something new.

The result is BIAS FX, designed from the ground up with a no-compromise mindset on sound quality and ultimate flexibility. It comes with all of the latest and greatest algorithms from our extensive audio signal processing research, providing significantly detailed and authentic emulations of analog pedals, studio rack gear and tube amplifiers. It also features dual signal paths and full integration with BIAS Amp, allowing you to utilize two custom Amp Match amplifier models in the same setup.

DUAL BIAS AMPSBIAS FX can utilize dual signal paths, allowing you to combine the sonic attributes of two different sets of amplifiers, speaker cabinets and microphones at the same time, providing a world of sonic options not possible using a single amplifier. Featuring full integration with BIAS Amp software, BIAS FX automatically imports your custom BIAS Amp and Amp Match models, giving you immense power to create entirely new guitar tones and textures.

You can easily create, share or download custom pedalboards on ToneCloud®. There are hundreds to choose from already, and we constantly work with professional artists and session players from all over the world to offer an ever-growing and massive number of virtual pedalboards and rigs for BIAS FX.

We take a no-compromise approach in engineering BIAS FX, from detailed touch-sensitivity in distortion emulations to double-precision modulated algorithms in chorus pedals, and we strive for the best possible sound quality in everything that we do. We are constantly working on new features and updates to our core technology, redefining what is possible in the world of guitar amp and effects emulation.

BIAS FX has the most-advanced DSP sound engine in the industry, featuring full integration with BIAS Amp Pro software and a beautifully designed user interface. With a host of amps, rack and pedal effects and full integration with BIAS Pedal software, BIAS FX is a powerful cross-platform guitar processing environment. For the first time, you can achieve truly authentic high-quality guitar sounds both in the studio for recording and on iPad for live performance and practice.