Team R2R | 23 Jun 2023 | 852.0MB

SpectraLayers 通过将声音显示为视觉对象来提供音频授权。 您可以探索、接触、获取和改造,在从修复和恢复音频到自由形式声音设计的任务中创造奇迹。 多年来开发的无与伦比的选择工具现在与新的人工智能驱动的音频提取和修复流程相结合,使其成为 SpectraLayers 迄今为止最重要的版本。







* 不需要 SteinbergLibraryMangager(可选)。
* 不需要 SteinbergActivationManager。
* 加载速度比合法版本快。
* 与其他合法 Silk 和 Silk 支持的应用程序不存在兼容性问题。

阅读随附的 R2R.txt 以了解如何安装。

请阅读我们模拟器的 NFO,了解有关我们模拟器版本的更多信息。


The vanguard of spectral editing and repair.
SpectraLayers delivers audio empowerment by showing sounds as visual objects. You can explore, reach in, take and transform, working wonders on tasks ranging from repairing and restoring audio to freeform sound design. Unmatched selection tools developed over many years are now joined by new artificial intelligence-driven audio extraction and repair processes, making this the most significant version of SpectraLayers yet.

The vanguard of spectral editing applications

Touch, sculpt, and shape audio on a spectral graph

Automatic, artificial intelligence-driven processes

From repair and restoration to freeform music creation

A witch says,

* No SteinbergLibraryMangager is required (optional).
* No SteinbergActivationManager is required.
* Loads faster than legit version.
* No compatiblity issue with other legit Silk and Silk powered apps.

Read included R2R.txt to see how to install.

Read NFO of our emulator to know more about our emulator releases.