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smart:gate 具有智能源检测功能,可重点关注您在信号中选择的目标源。 与传统门相比,smart:gate 可提供可靠的结果,并使参数化变得异常快速和简单。

门控可能是一项棘手的任务——使用 smart:gate,就像从下拉菜单中选择目标源一样简单。 无论您的目标是人声、电吉他、钢琴还是许多其他选项之一,即使目标源的电平发生变化,或者竞争乐器的声音比您想要保留的信号大,智能门也能可靠地提供信号。 smart:gate 的内容感知处理在传统的 gateway 插件难以发挥作用的地方发挥了其全部功能。

最后,一个真正能够区分混音和其中包含的信号分量的门。 目标信号的活动和门控都可以详细可视化。 与即时重放一起,您可以获得更快地完成参数化和调整所需的所有见解 – 所有这些都通过熟悉的控件进行,无需任何猜测。

除了智能目标源检测之外,smart:gate 还具有一系列微调功能,例如用于对整个频谱的选通进行加权的三频段抑制网络。 电平偏置使您能够增加处理的电平依赖性——当您想要优化对瞬态目标源的响应时,这非常方便。 而且,由于选通和回避在处理过程中密切相关,因此选通插件可以切换到回避模式,为您提供相同的以目标为中心的功能。 您还可以使用 smart:gate,而不使用其内容感知 AI 功能作为传统的门。


smart:gate features intelligent source detection that focuses on your selected target source in the signal. In comparison with conventional gates, smart:gate delivers solid results and makes parametrization incredibly fast and easy.

AI-powered gating methodology
Tedious gating is a thing of the past
Going for the signal source
Gating can be a tricky task – with smart:gate, it’s as simple as selecting a target source from a drop-down menu. Whether you’re targeting vocals, electric guitar, piano or one of many other options, the intelligent gate reliably delivers even when the target source varies in level, or a competing instrument is louder than the signal you want to keep. smart:gate’s content-aware processing unlocks its full power where conventional gate plug-ins struggle.

Hearing – and seeing – the results
Insights for faster workflows
Finally, a gate that is truly able to differentiate between a mix and the signal component contained within it. Both the target signal’s activity and the gating are visualized in detail. Together with Instant Replay, you are provided with all the insights you need to get your parametrization and tweaking done much faster – all with familiar controls and without any guesswork.

Acing any gating challenge
Intuitive Interface packed with great features
Besides its intelligent target source detection, smart:gate sports a host of features for fine-tuning, such as a three-band suppression network for weighting the gating across the frequency spectrum. The level bias enables you to increase the level-dependency of the processing – extremely handy when you want refine the response to transient target sources. And, since gating and ducking are closely related in their processing, the gate plug-in can be switched to ducking mode, offering you the same target-focused functionality. You can also use smart:gate without its content-aware AI features as a conventional gate.