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吉他手、键盘手、歌手、鼓手、管乐手 – 使用 Gig Performer® 构建和控制您的现场音乐装备,通过完全控制您的乐器或声音来改变和提升您的现场表演体验。 我们的创新方法和对可用性的关注与直观的机架设计(称为 Rackspace™)相结合,可将您的插件转变为最强大且用户友好的现场音乐软件系统。 我们令人印象深刻的尖端功能列表使您能够轻松控制多种乐器、分层声音并采用真实的效果,并且功耗很少。


Guitarists, keyboard players, vocalists, drummers, wind players — build and control your live music rig with Gig Performer® to transform and elevate your live performing experience by gaining complete control over the sound of your instrument or voice. Our innovative approach and focus on usability is paired with an intuitive rack design, called a Rackspace™, which transforms your plugins into the most powerful, yet user-friendly live music software system. And our impressive list of cutting edge features allow you to control multiple instruments, layer sounds and employ authentic effects… easily, and with little power usage.