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Insight 2 是一款全面的计量和音频分析插件,是屡获殊荣的后期制作和音乐工作室值得信赖的组件。

获得一整套可定制且适合任何会话的仪表。 从响度、清晰度、频谱平衡等方面获得有关混音各个方面的宝贵见解。

无论您是测量响度以确保广播合规性、确保电影的清晰对话,还是管理复杂的 7.1.2 杜比全景声 (Dolby Atmos) 会话,Insight 2 都是适合您的测量工具。

已经很直观的 Insight UI 在第二版中得到了彻底的修改。 该插件现在可以完全调整大小,其中所有单独的仪表模块也是如此。 Insight 2 提供有关您的音频的详细、全面的数据,一目了然,将有助于确保您的最终交付成果像您的专业要求一样响亮而清晰。

Relay 是一个实用程序,可在会话中与兼容的 iZotope 插件进行通信,以完成各种有用的任务。 将 Relay 放置在您的轨道上,即可访问精确的通道条功能,例如高通滤波、相位和单声道控制、平移和宽度滑块以及延迟时间。

Insight 提供了丰富的选项来个性化您的计量体验,让您能够以最适合您的项目或会话的方式可视化音频。

使用 Relay,Insight 2 从您的对话轨道中获取信息,并与混音的其余部分进行比较时推荐对话级别和位置。


Insight 2 is a comprehensive metering and audio analysis plug-in that is a trusted component of award-winning post production and music studios.

Get a complete set of meters that can be customized and form fit to any session. Gain valuable perspective on any aspect of your mix, from loudness, intelligibility, spectral balance, and more.

Whether you’re measuring loudness for broadcast compliance, ensuring clear dialogue for film, or managing a complex 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos session, Insight 2 is the metering tool for the job.

All-new Design
Responsive meters built to look how you want
The already intuitive Insight UI has received a complete overhaul with version two. The plug-in is now fully resizable, as are all the individual meter modules within. With detailed, comprehensive data about your audio available at a glance, Insight 2 will help ensure that your final deliverables are as loud and clear as your profession demands.

Relay is a utility that communicates with compatible iZotope plug-ins across your session to accomplish a variety of useful tasks. Place Relay on your track and get access to precision channel-strip functions such as high pass filtering, phase and mono controls, pan and width sliders, and delay time.

Customizable UI
With a wealth of options for personalizing your metering experience, Insight lets you visualize your audio in a way that’s perfect for your project or session.

Intelligibility Meter
Using Relay, Insight 2 takes information from your dialogue track and recommends dialogue level and placement when compared to the rest of your mix.