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我们突破了“双耳音乐”的界限,看看我们能走多远。 结果? 声音质量变化最小,相位问题最小,各个方向的声像均匀。


HPL Processor 提供两个版本:Lite 和 Standard,您可以根据您的用途进行选择。 两个版本之间的唯一区别是输入/输出通道的数量。 即使使用精简版,您也可以享受与标准版相同的高品质声音。

Lite版本有一个功能限制,最多只允许2个通道的输入,这使得它主要适合用耳机监听立体声音频源。 Ultimate 版本是无限制版本,最多支持 22.2 声道输入。 请注意,要使用多通道功能,您的 DAW 必须支持多通道轨道。

2023 年 8 月 5 日
这是 HPL 处理器的第一个版本。 从下一个版本开始,将会列出更新内容。

10.15 或更高


HPL®︎ is a professional binaural conversion technology researched and developed in Japan.
We pushed the boundaries of “binaural for music” to see just how far we could go. The result? Minimal sound quality changes, minimal phase problems, and uniform panning in all directions.

The resultant sound quality is so highly rated, it’s featured in the production of high-quality high-resolution sound sources and the mix of numerous award-winning works.

Choose your perfect fit.
HPL Processor offers two editions: Lite and Standard, which can be selected based on your intended use. The only difference between the two editions is the number of input/output channels. Even with Lite edition, you can enjoy the same high-quality sound as the Standard edition.

The Lite edition has a functional limitation that allows only up to 2 channels of input, making it suitable mainly for monitoring stereo audio sources with headphones. The Ultimate edition is the unrestricted edition that supports input of up to 22.2 channels. Please note that to use the multi-channel functionality, your DAW must support multi-channel tracks.

Whats new in this version
August 5, 2023
This is the first release of HPL Processor. From the next version, updates will be listed.

System Requirements
10.15 or higher