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大约 15 年前,我们发布了 Synplant 的第一个版本,凭借其独特的用户界面,它很快成为许多人的最爱。 从那时起,我们就想创造一个有价值的后续作品,但这次更新的道路漫长且充满了废弃的实验。 当我们最终解决了机器学习算法,使合成器参数与样本相匹配成为可能时,我们知道我们为 Synplant 2 提供了一些特殊的东西,并且最终足够好。

我们将这项技术称为 Genopatch,它与 Synplant 完美契合,Synplant 是一种合成器,旨在播下种子,让它们长成您自己的声音。 在 Synplant 版本 1 中,这些种子要么是预设补丁,要么是随机的。 现在,借助 Genopatch,您可以录制任何音频并将其用作合成器补丁的种子。

Synplant 2 现已可供下载和购买。 与往常一样,我们进行了三周的全功能试用。 购买时,您还可以获得 300 个额外补丁和替代“夜班”皮肤。


Windows 8 或更高版本


We released the first version of Synplant roughly 15 years ago, and with its unique user interface, it quickly became a favorite with many. Ever since, we have wanted to create a worthy follow-up, but the road to this update has been long and paved with abandoned experiments. When we finally solved the machine learning algorithms that made it possible to match synth parameters to a sample, we knew we had something exceptional — and finally good enough — for Synplant 2.

We call this technology Genopatch, and it is a perfect fit for Synplant, a synthesizer that is about planting seeds that grow into your own sounds. In Synplant version 1, these seeds were either preset patches or random. Now, with Genopatch, you can take any audio recording and use it as a seed for your synth patch.

Synplant 2 is available to download and purchase today. As always, we have a three weeks fully functional trial. You also get access to 300 additional patches and an alternative “nightshift” skin when you purchase.

Whats new in this version
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System Requirements
Windows 8 or newer
OSX 10.9 or higher