RYZEN | 03 November 2023 | 2.0 GB

使用终极母带处理工具系列打造完美的聆听体验。 无论您是为下一首排行榜冠军歌曲做最后的润色,还是制作您的第一首歌曲,Ozone 11 都可以提供尖端的处理和人工智能驱动的工作流程。 轻松地让您的曲目做好发布准备并释放您作品的全部潜力。

清晰度模块[高级] 纯魔法
清晰度模块自适应地最大化曲目的频谱功率。 换句话说,它为您提供科学依据,让您的音乐听起来专业、优美、响亮,而不会受到任何影响。 你会想在所有事情上使用它。

Stem Focused[高级] 超越母带处理
利用人工智能的力量以以前不可能的方式拯救有问题的混音。 将任何臭氧模块应用到独立的杆上,以令人惊叹的精度控制混合文件的内部平衡。 混合修订已成为过去。

通过分别增强瞬态和延音来释放您的创作潜力。 通过经典工具的创新补充,充分发挥您的母带效果,或者通过升级最新、最先进的 Ozone 模块来探索新的声音前沿。

利用这种新颖的透明压缩电路增强安静部分,同时保留快速瞬态。 通过一个直观的滑块取代复杂的并行布线、增益分级和电平匹配,提高密度和细节。

辅助声音平衡[元素、标准和高级] 找到最佳听音位置
获得清晰、完美平衡的声音,将音乐中的情感带出来。 通过分析数百首热门歌曲,我们的主助理学会了如何将人声融入混音中,并且借助我们新的 AI 人声检查器,您再也不用担心电平问题。

macOS 蒙特利 (12.6.8)、macOS 文图拉 (13.5)*
*Rosetta 2 和本机中的 Intel Mac 和 Apple Silicon Mac(Apple M 系列芯片)受支持


Craft the perfect listening experience with the ultimate collection of mastering tools. Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on the next chart-topping hit or producing your first song, Ozone 11 delivers cutting-edge processing and AI-powered workflows. Effortlessly make your tracks release-ready and unlock the full potential of your productions.

What’s new in Ozone 11?
Clarity Module[Advanced] Pure magic
The Clarity module adaptively maximizes the spectral power of your tracks. In other words, it does the science for you, so your music sounds professional, polished, and louder without penalties. You’re going to want to use this on everything.

Stem Focused[Advanced] Go beyond mastering
Harness the power of AI to rescue problematic mixes in ways that were previously impossible. Apply any Ozone module to an isolated stem to control the internal balance of a mixed file with mind-blowing precision. Mix revisions are a thing of the past.

Transient/Sustain[Standard and Advanced] New dimensions
Unlock your creative potential by separately enhancing the transient and sustain. Get the most out of your masters with this innovative addition to the classic tools, or explore new sonic frontiers by leveling up the latest, cutting-edge Ozone modules.

Upward Compress[Standard and Advanced] Level up your masters
Boost quiet sections while preserving fast transients with this novel transparent compression circuit. Increase density and detail with one intuitive slider that replaces complex parallel routing, gain-staging, and level-matching.

Assistive Vocal Balance[Elements, Standard and Advanced] Find the sweet spot
Achieve the clear, perfectly-balanced vocals that will bring out the emotion in your music. Through analyzing hundreds of top songs, our Master Assistant learned how to sit the vocals in the mix, and with our new AI Vocal Checker, you never have to worry about levels again.

System Requirements
macOS Monterey (12.6.8), macOS Ventura (13.5)*
*Supported on Intel Macs and Apple silicon Macs (Apple M-series chips) in Rosetta 2 & native