Cabinetron – 终极脉冲响应加载器和吉他箱模拟器。

已编目但不仅仅是 IR(脉冲响应)加载器,Cabinetron 将是您找到放大器和耳朵之间每个缺失过程的唯一工具。


您可能拥有大量 IR 收藏,但请不要将宝贵的资源浪费在听起来不够好的 IR 加载器上。

不管你信不信,每个 IR 加载器听起来确实不同,即使它们共享相同的算法。 造成差异的秘密在于卷积 DSP 代码中的舍入误差。
音质始终是我们最关心的事情。 就像我们为 Kirchhoff-EQ 创建的自适应滤波器拓扑一样,我们专门为 IR 卷积设计了噪声整形算法,以确保您的每个 IR 都在 Cabinetron 中“推动空气”。

通过卷积可以很好地模拟吉他箱体,因为箱体/扬声器 99% 的行为是线性的。 但最后 1% 的非线性又如何呢?

Cabinetron 不仅作为透明线性红外加载器,还对音圈在磁铁内移动的非线性行为进行了建模。 随着非线性度的增强,您的所有 IR 将会更加真实,并且您的音色听起来会更加“3D”。

当然,您可以完全控制该参数。 调整它或保留它,这取决于你。


Windows 8 或更高版本


Cabinetron – The Ultimate Impulse Response Loader & Guitar Cabinet Simulator.

Browsing, editing, mixing, EQing, tone matching, exporting…
Cataloged but beyond being an IR (impulse response) loader, Cabinetron would be your one and only tool to find every missing process between your amp and your ears.

Mission One: Sound Quality

You may have an extensive IR collection, but please do not waste your precious resources on an IR loader that doesn’t sound good enough.

Believe or not, every IR loader does sound different, even if they share the same algorithm. and the secret that makes the difference is the rounding errors in convolution DSP codes.
Sound quality is always the first thing that matters to us. Just like Adaptive Filter Topologies that we created for Kirchhoff-EQ, we designed a noise-shaping algorithm exclusively for IR convolution, to ensure every of your IR is ‘pushing the air’ in Cabinetron.
Optional Non-linear Enhancement

A guitar cabinet can be simulated well enough by convolution because 99% of the cabinet / speaker’s behavior is linear. But what about the last 1% of nonlinearity?

Not only as a transparent linear IR loader, Cabinetron also modeled the non-linear behavior of how the voice coil moves within the magnet. With the enhancement of nonlinearity, more real cabinet-like all your IR’s will be, and more ‘3D’ your tone will sound.

Of course, you have full control of this parameter. Tweak it or leave it, it’s up to you.

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System Requirements
Windows 8 or higher