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在 Rob Papen 的合成世界中,缺少一种类型的合成器……

在 Rob Papen 的合成世界中,缺少一种类型的合成器……一种可以同时直观地获得所有控件和功能的合成器。 因此,最初的 Go2 被开发出来,它立即变得非常流行,并被许多音乐家和作曲家在他们的作品中使用。 现在它已升级到 Go2-X,并通过更多有用的功能和对“Go To”合成器的增强进行了增强!

您可能知道,当前的 Rob Papen 系列包含合成器,其中包含许多功能和合成类型,有时可能会让普通用户望而生畏。

尽管如此,我们认为在不失去其强大概念的情况下向 Go2 添加更多功能会很棒,是的,我们添加了 X 因素!

使用 Go2-X,您现在可以绘制自己的波形并在它们之间变形。 我们通过棘轮和魔法模式(来自 BIT-2)扩展了 ARP 部分。


是的,Go2-X 有许多新功能,确保它将大胆地“Go2”,这是同类中其他合成器之前没有的……


In the Rob Papen world of synthesis, there was one type of synthesizer missing…

In the Rob Papen world of synthesis, there was one type of synthesizer missing… A synthesizer that has all of its controls and features available visually all at once. So, the original Go2 was developed, and it instantly became very popular and used by many musicians and composers in their productions. Now it has been upgraded to Go2-X and it has been enhanced with even more useful features and enhancements to what already was the ‘Go To’ synthesizer!

As you might know, the current Rob Papen collection contains synthesizers that contain many features and types of synthesis which sometimes can be daunting to the average user.

Still, we thought that it would be awesome to add even more features to Go2 without losing its powerful concept and yes, we added in the X factor!

With Go2-X you can now draw in your own waveforms and morph between them. We have expanded the ARP section with ratcheting and the Magic Mode (from BIT-2).

You now have the option to use the Stereo Delay and Reverb at the same time… and many more cool new features and presets!

Yes, Go2-X has many new features that make sure that it will boldly ‘Go2’ where no other synth in this category went before……

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