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Amber 3 提供了原始 A 级光学压缩器的精确再现,以及由一家著名的美国公司创建的标志性 EQ 和前置放大器的重新设计版本。

Amber 的压缩机精确再现了美国制造的原始 A 级光学压缩机。 我们竭尽全力保留原始硬件单元的独特特征及其透明的音乐性。

琥珀色 3 EQ
Amber3 EQ 有单声道和立体声版本。 两者都包含相同的控件,但 Amber EQ Stereo 还具有额外的功能来帮助简化您的工作流程。

Amber 3 Pre 具有多个超级可靠的前置放大器,可以温和地预热您的声音,就像原始硬件上相应的真实电路一样。 (也可在通道条内部使用。)


库已完全解密、解压缩、删除了与 DRM 相关的膨胀,并构建为干净的库。


Amber 3 offers an accurate reproduction of an original class A optical compressor, plus a redesigned version of an iconic EQ and preamp created by a celebrated American company.

A Class-A Legend
Amber’s compressor offers an accurate reproduction of an original class A opto compressor manufactured in the USA. We went great lengths to preserve the distinctive character of the original hardware unit, as well as its transparent musicality.

Amber 3 EQ
The Amber3 EQ is available in both mono and stereo versions. Both include the same controls, but Amber EQ Stereo also features extra functionalities to help facilitate your workflow.

Amber 3 Pre
The Amber 3 Pre features several super-reliable preamplifiers that will gently warm up to your sound, just like the corresponding real circuits on the original hardware. (Also available inside the channel strip.)

A witch says,

Library is completely decrypted, decompressed, DRM related bloat removed, and built to the clean one.