Team V.R | 03 July 2023 | 900 MB

SpectraLayers 通过将声音显示为视觉对象来提供音频授权。 您可以探索、接触、获取和改造,在从修复和恢复音频到自由形式声音设计的任务中创造奇迹。 多年来开发的无与伦比的选择工具现在与新的人工智能驱动的音频提取和修复流程相结合,使其成为 SpectraLayers 迄今为止最重要的版本。

人工智能。 感觉统合。
在光谱仪显示器上查看音频是一回事,但能够轻松触摸、雕刻和塑造您所看到的内容才是 SpectraLayers 的与众不同之处。 现在,您拥有了一位技术精湛、训练有素的 AI 合作伙伴,可以感知模式、执行操作并加速您实现完美音频。

SpectraLayers 中的手动选择工具允许从广泛的画笔编辑到微观干预的一切。 人工智能辅助流程带来了更高的速度和精度,使 SpectraLayers 工具集和基于图层的工作流程比以往更加强大和灵活。


SpectraLayers delivers audio empowerment by showing sounds as visual objects. You can explore, reach in, take and transform, working wonders on tasks ranging from repairing and restoring audio to freeform sound design. Unmatched selection tools developed over many years are now joined by new artificial intelligence-driven audio extraction and repair processes, making this the most significant version of SpectraLayers yet.

Artificial Intelligence. Sensory Integration.
Looking at audio on a spectrograph display is one thing, but the ability to easily touch, sculpt and shape what you see is what sets SpectraLayers apart. And now you have a skilled, highly trained AI partner that can sense patterns, perform operations and speed you on your way to perfect audio.

A foundation for AI-enhanced processing
The manual selection tools in SpectraLayers allow everything from broad brush editing to microscopic intervention. AI-assisted processes bring even more speed and precision, making the SpectraLayers tool set and layers-based workflow more powerful and flexible than ever.