Falcon Expansion | Date: 2023.12.26 | Size: 3.58 GB

HX-20 是 UVI 全新 HX 系列乐器中的第一款,由于基于样本的振荡器与物理建模滤波器相结合的三重威胁,提供了无与伦比的硬件声音。

HX-20 基于最知名和最受欢迎的模拟单合成器之一,以其多功能的半模块化架构、标志性的前面板设计和明星音乐历史而闻名。 这款小型双振荡器单合成器于 70 年代末推出,具有很多功能,并且仍然是世界各地艺术家的灵感工作室伙伴。

这款合成器的成功并不是由于任何单一的设计考虑,而是得益于其出色的功能、美妙的声音和引人注目的价值的结合。 从丰富的模拟振荡器到多功能滤波器部分,再到半模块化(能够与外部输入和更大的系统集成),再到相对较轻和便携,有很多值得喜爱的地方。

HX-20 是 UVI 新 HX 系列的首次发布 – 利用我们在硬件采样和物理建模方面的深厚历史,创造出具有明确无误的硬件灵魂的灵活、现代的乐器,部分归功于将硬件采样和波表相结合的新颖混合方法, 物理建模的滤波器。 凭借其独特的混合敏感性,我们认为这是开始工作的完美工具。

Hybrid-X 发动机
HX-20 与我们的许多老式乐器类似,您可以对硬件进行深入采样,但它在两个重要方面表现出色; 添加了两个新的基于硬件的波表层和物理建模滤波器 – 总共为您提供了三个可供配置的样本层,所有这些都具有您熟悉和喜爱的模拟魅力。 就像我们选择的硬件一样,这种独特的功能组合创造了一个强大而引人注目的声音工具,具有令人难以置信的特性。


HX-20 is the first of UVI’s new HX Series of instruments, offering an unparalleled hardware sound thanks to a triple threat of sample-based oscillators combined with physically-modeled filters.

An Analog Icon
HX-20 is based on one of the most recognizable and well-loved analog monosynths around, known for its versatile semi-modular architecture, iconic front panel design, and starred musical history. Launched in the late ’70s, this small two-oscillator monosynth has a lot to offer, and continues to be an inspirational studio compadre for artists around the world.

More Than The Sum
The success of this synth wasn’t due to any single design consideration, instead it benefits from its combination of great features, fantastic sound, and compelling value. From the rich analog oscillators to its versatile filter section, to being both semi-modular – capable of integrating with external inputs and larger systems, to being relatively light and portable, there is simply a lot to love.

A Dynamic Duo
HX-20 is the debut release of UVI’s new HX Series – leveraging our deep history in hardware sampling and physical modeling to create flexible, modern instruments with an unmistakable hardware soul, thanks in part to a novel hybrid approach combining hardware samples and wavetables, with physically-modeled filters. With its own unique hybrid sensibilities, we thought this was the perfect instrument to kick things off with.

Hybrid-X Engine
HX-20 is similar to many of our vintage instruments in that you get a deep sampling of the hardware, but it excels in two important ways; the addition of two new layers of hardware-based wavetables, and physically-modeled filters – giving you three sample layers in total to configure, all with the analog charm you know and love. Like our chosen hardware, this unique combination of features creates a powerful and compelling sonic tool with incredible character.