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smart:EQ 4 使用 AI 来纠正频谱问题并实现音调平衡。 该均衡器使您能够从混音的角度处理项目:智能跨通道处理提供对多个轨道的分层控制,并使您能够通过拖放完成频谱混合。

AI 过滤器可自动纠正色调不平衡

与将混音背景排除在任何处理之外的普通均衡器不同,smart:EQ 4 可让您轻松控制多轨取消屏蔽过程,并通过简单的拖放最多 10 个轨道来完成频谱混合。 这为每个智能:过滤器设置了优先级,将一些元素带到声音舞台的最前面,将一些元素留在中间,并将一些元素推到后台。 在这个创新工具中,在实例之间来回切换已成为过去——同一组中的任何实例都可以从任何其他实例进行远程控制。

AI 驱动的均衡可实现即时频谱平衡
smart:EQ 4 的核心是 smart:filter – 它根据您为曲目选择的目标配置文件自动平衡信号。 每个 EQ 实例中的 smart:filter 都具有一系列功能,可以根据您的喜好调整 AI 驱动的处理。 打开 smart:filter 小部件来调整平滑参数以实现更温和的过滤,并打开自适应选项来平滑高度动态的信号。 您可以分割 smart:filter 的绿色权重曲线,并设置一定的频率范围来定义智能算法应在何处发挥作用。

smart:EQ 4 的 smart:filter 可以在三种模式下使用:“Track”平衡通道;“Track”平衡通道;“Track”平衡通道。 “群组”不会影响频道,但会减少频道与其他群组成员之间的屏蔽; “跟踪和分组”对通道应用平衡并使其受到揭露。

随着每一代 smart:EQ,可用配置文件的范围不断扩大。 smart:EQ 4 运动乐器和声乐配置文件,您可以在单轨或总线上使用。 要为您的混音提供最终的光谱修饰,请使用基于流派的配置文件之一。 如果您追求某种声音,请加载参考轨道以创建自定义配置文件,并让 smart:EQ 4 在您的通道或总线上模拟其频谱特征和平衡。 根据大众的需求,现在您甚至可以指定 smart:EQ 4 用于分析输入信号的最大学习时间。


smart:EQ 4 uses AI to correct spectral issues and achieve tonal balance. This equalizer empowers you to approach a project from a mix’ perspective: Intelligent cross-channel processing offers hierarchical control over multiple tracks and enables you to get spectral mixing done via drag and drop.

Intelligent cross-channel processing for spectral unmasking
AI-filter to automatically correct tonal imbalances
Dynamic EQing, mix profiles, reference track feature, auto gain,..

Keeping the mix context in mind – effortlessly
Unlike usual equalizers that leave the context of a mix out of any processing, smart:EQ 4 lets you take control over multi-track unmasking processes easily and get spectral mixing done by simple dragging and dropping up to 10 tracks. This set priorities for each smart:filter, bringing some elements to the forefront of the sonic stage, leaving some in the middle, and pushing some into the background. Switching back and forth between instances is a thing of the past in this innovative tool – any instance within the same group can be remotely controlled from any other instance.

AI-powered equalization for instant spectral balance
The centerpiece of smart:EQ 4 is the smart:filter – it automatically balances the signal based on a target Profile you choose for your tracks. The smart:filter within each EQ instance comes with a range of features to adjust the AI-powered processing to your liking. Open up the smart:filter widget to tweak the Smoothing parameter for gentler filtering and turn up the Adaptive option to smooth out highly dynamic signals. You can split the green weighting curve of the smart:filter and set a certain frequency range to define where the intelligent algorithms should get to work.

smart:EQ 4’s smart:filter can be used in three modes: ‘Track’ balances the channel; ‘Group’ doesn’t affect the channel but reduces masking between it and other group members; ‘Track and Group’ applies balancing to the channel and makes it subject to unmasking.

Profiles for instruments, vocals and entire mixes
With each generation of smart:EQ, the range of available Profiles grew. smart:EQ 4 sports instrument and vocal Profiles that you can use on single tracks or busses. To give your mix a final spectral polish, use one of the genre-based profiles. If you are chasing a certain sound, load up a reference track to create a custom profile and have smart:EQ 4 emulate its spectral character and balance on your channel or buss. By popular demand, now you can even specify the maximum learning time that smart:EQ 4 should use to analyze the input signal.