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前置放大器- 4个不同型号的驱动器,一个大范围和4个额外的开关动态地改变前置放大器的特性。
音调堆迭- 4波段均衡器根据选择的前置放大器动态变化,可调频率,Q和增益,以及可定制的滤波器类型和3预置音调匹配。

FX -双部分分为调制(合唱/相位器等)和时间(混响,延迟,回声)子部分。
IR -一次加载多达4个脉冲响应文件,并实时混合它们,直到您找到完美的平衡您的语气。

Cross the borders of guitar sound. A compact yet advanced guitar plugin. From a delicate, clean tone to the heaviest wall of sound filling the whole mix.

We’re advancing a proven formula, focusing on a design that enables you to achieve a wide spectrum of sound in a single plugin.
Control every aspect of the signal from the main view and dial in each parameter with expanding sections.
7 Sections – create your own sound, not a simulation
Input – a gate, a gain knob, and a high-pass filter.
Preamp – 4 different models of drive, a big range and 4 additional switches dynamically changing the character of the preamp.
Tone stack – 4-band equalizer dynamically changing according to the chosen preamplifier with adjustable frequency, Q and gain as well as customizable filter types and 3-preset tone matching.

FX – a double section divided into modulation (chorus/phaser etc.) and time (reverbs, delays, echoes) subsections.
Power Amp – Resonance and Presence knobs for adding character as well as a Hot knob for saturating the signal even further.
IR – load up to 4 impulse response files at once and mix them in real time until you find the perfect balance for your tone.
Output – A maximizer, a mix knob and a fader.

Whats New
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