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凭借这个“beats and loops”系列,Public Enemy 成为第一个发布此类系列的主要嘻哈乐队。 该系列包括两个多小时的“节拍和循环”,以“构建套件”的形式呈现(完全混合的循环和用于构成整个循环的所有单个样本)。

“这里最重要的是样品本身。 那么他们有什么好处吗? 嗯,总而言之,套件的内容非常好。 在风格方面,这些套件非常独特,而不是模仿任何趋势。 音质是一流的,样本和元素的选择也是一流的。 所有的鼓循环
有所需的牛肉和叮咬,并包含播放和编程的节拍的混合物,效果很好。 节奏本身的风格范围从标准的“boom-bap”到更复杂的模式,提供了多种循环选择。 5/5。” (声音上声音)


With this “beats and loops” collection, Public Enemy became the first major hip-hop act to release such a collection. The collection includes over two hours of “beats and loops,” presented in a “construction kit” format (fully mixed loops and all of the individual samples used to make up the entire loop).

“What’s most important here are the samples themselves. So are they any good? Well, the content of the kits is, in a word, excellent. Style-wise the kits are quite unique, rather than emulating any trends. And the sound quality is top notch, as is the selection of samples and elements. All the drum loops
have the required beef and bite and contain a mixture of played and programmed beats that works well. The rhythms themselves range in style from the standard ‘boom-bap’ to more complex patterns giving a varied palette of loops to choose from. 5/5.” (Sound On Sound)