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言语失败,音乐获得力量。电钢琴为您的曲目带来了 70 年代的模拟温暖。

用精心录制的机械装置、多个麦克风位置和 20 种速度的复古声音丰富您的作品,或者使用 Glow 滑块将它们变成神秘、飘逸的音景。借助乐器强大的声音融合功能,您可以在原始 DI 信号或复古风格放大器的温暖之间切换,改变起音、释放和动态范围,以及添加机械噪音和九个微调的效果模块。

为了让您开始使用,我们提供了 15 种颜色预设供您选择——直接从我们简化的用户界面中选择。

Welcome to SONUSCORE’s RO●KI – Electric Piano


Where words fail, music gains its power. The Electric Piano brings the analogue warmth of the great 70s to your tracks.

Enrich your compositions with the vintage sounds of meticulously recorded mechanics, multiple microphone positions and 20 velocities or turn them into mysterious, ethereal soundscapes using the Glow slider. With the instruments vast sound melding capabilities you can switch between the raw DI signal or the warmth of a vintage style amp, change attack, release and dynamic range, as well as add mechanical noises and nine finely tuned effect modules.


To get you started we included 15 color presets for you to choose from – directly from our streamlined user interface.


– 2 Recorded Signals: DI and Reamped
– 20 velocity layers
– Glow slider for incredible atmosphere
– Control Attack, Release, Mechanics, Saturation, Modulation and Ambience
– 15 color presets
– Lightweight, streamlined interface
– 2.2GB of pure intimacy

Sonuscore roki – Electric Piano KONTAKT – MERRY XMAS screenshotSonuscore ro•ki – Electric Piano KONTAKT – MERRY XMAS screenshotSonuscore ro•ki – Electric Piano KONTAKT – MERRY XMAS screenshot

FULL VERSION of Native Instrument’s KONTAKT 6.6.1 or higher is required!

请使用 KONTAKT 6.6.1 或更高版本打开

Home Page – https://sonuscore.com/shop/roki-electric-piano/